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Priest rules!

… as in burger! and Tiffany K, before ya get yer shorts in a knot, wasn’t mine… 3 co-workers had ’em! bastards! know there’s portabello and jalapeño… and at 20 bucks a pop (sans fries), know it ain’t cheap! but, do know i want one… Tiff, ya in?!


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night time bbq-ing

few words, few pics instead. up against it lately – don’t know which way is up, which way is down. time change didn’t help, warmer weather (recording breaking day today) did.

boneless skinless chicken thighs tossed on the hot grill

portabello caps tossed on too, and lotsa s&p

getting sauced – the chicken I mean, lol

more and more bbq sauce

almost done now folks

and don’t be fooled by my backyard patio light. this was night/dark y’all!!

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labour daze and ribeyez

Ribeye steaks … although at a smidgen over 3 inches thick, perhaps roasts would be appropriate. Haven’t been grilling as much as I’d like too, as much as I should … nothing like a 3 day holiday week-end and a last kick at the summer-can to remedy that. Picked up these 2 Sterling Silver® (premium meat – top 12% of grain fed cattle) beauties at my not so local Sobeys. A few pics (and the omission of beer is purely accidental, rest assured its presence was prominent, lol) … enjoy!!

Pepper rubbed – patiently waiting …

The first kiss of the grill (look how thick they are) …

So far, so good …

Getting their char on – LOVE that …

… I think we’re done folks …

1 steak (perfect medium rare, don’t ya think?) sliced ‘n braided plated

Grill toasted and garlic buttered French Loaf …

And my plate (served with my grilled baby portabello, sweet onion, poblano medley) …

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Going Greek … again!!

It’s my go to dish … def one of my faves, and every now and then I get a must have craving that MUST be satisfied … nothing beats it, nothing!! Just a few pics/words this time, promise to go more in depth another time … plus, I have explored Greek cuisine many times before … so no complainin’ y’all, lol!! Made portabello mushroom caps (hollowed out, ribs removed/scraped – this IS key) filled with feta and caramelized onions … and when I say feta, unlike others who say feta arbitrarily, the feta I’m talking ’bout is my coveted Dodoni from Greece … the best of the best (and at $32/kg), pricier than the rest!!

‘caps grilled, then finished with a squirt of lemon + fresh oregano from my garden …

LOVE this: feta warmed throughout and slightly melted – YMFO

Remember my not wanting to delve too deeply? My handcut humongous souvlaki will be blogged about another day and another time, just not now … honest injun!!

Plated: and served with grilled pita, tzatziki and olives (both obscured, peeking out) …