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holy shite!! I just lost $24,000!!

… thievery in the middle of the night! Well, was in the middle of the night when I noticed, checking my CIBC app… my prized platinum is no longer, my account was purged – supervisor said it was due to 18 months of inactivity carrying a zero balance! Try closer to 18 years, and that’s the truth… musta been ten years at least I haven’t used it. My AMEX and Capital One are both much better credit card choices, offering lower interest rates… the latter at a fixed 5.99% – beat that bitches! And, now w/my new TD Infinite First Class as well, I got shitloads of credit up the wazoo! Nevertheless, am expecting a call next few days from customer care, then will even move up the food chain to the ombudsman if I feel the need escalating matters. I feel it’s a futile fight, but I feel I’ve been wronged (no letter, no notification whatsoever) and NO I won’t be applying for a new CIBC credit card spank you very much, as has already been suggested to me twice. I need that like I need a hole in the fecking head! I’m just hopeful they’ll do right by me and throw a bone my way … is all this dog wants!!


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King of Win!!

Someone watches over me, I have clydesdale sized horseshoes up my ass, or I am extremely on the ball? Maybe, it’s my life trifecta? This morning went to check stuff out at johnvarvatos … and what did I see? My recently purchased Converse X kicks on sale. A quick email, followed by an even quicker phone call … and Bob’s your price adjustment uncle. They happily credited my AMEX the difference since it was within the 14 day company policy time allowance for said adjustments. Still not sure the exact refund amount, but I’m guessing it’s $60+ … I loved them before when I initially bought & got ’em … I love them even more now! Next, about an hour later began working on finalizing a purchase I had on my mind for a few days. I won’t lie, my first thoughts at the time were too excessive, too expensive … but now, for whatever reason, Banana Republic popped to mind. Went online to see what their site had to offer. Not only was I able to peruse items, I was able to check availability at my nearby store (updated every 20 minutes) which is what I wanted, nothing worse than wasted trips to the mall. While deciding on the exact item I wanted, I did happen to catch that 40% discount offer (today & tomorrow/online purchases only) prominently displayed. Why go to the mall and spend $125, when I can sit on my fat ass and order from my computer (along with a cool personalized message at no charge – I LOVE that shit, lol) for $75? Exactly? So that’s what I did, and in all likelihood, will be returning it for a refund at the store, but at least now I have it, and at a sweet deal, really it just provides greater flexibility, whatever I decide. The way I look at it, the money back from JV covers the BR purchase. Win Win … King!!

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Tiffany K’s TopBox

Must admit, really don’t fully understand it … and if this was her blog maybe she’d explain better, but it ain’t. And I do know she’s signed up for others – beauty boxes … Luxe Box, Loose Button … come to think of it, something tells me those two are actually one in the same?! The fuck do I know, lol? Anyways, I do remember reading in my TO Star that TopBox was the most desirable of this dollingoutsamplesbeautyboxbunch … AND, that there was a waiting list to sign-up. As luck would have it, my credit card membership permitted me front of the line privileges and Tiff scored huge … not your regular TopBox either, this one came with twice the goodies offered regular subscribers. Can’t remember all that’s supposed to be inside, do like the packaging … a couple of pics y’all …



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“all Daniels are bad” – Ana

… is what she said when she read my name off my AMEX as I was takin’ ‘vantage of their good customer loyalty program deal (told ya all I was gonna weasel my way in, lol) they were offering in conjunction with Lowe’s. She said it affectionately referring to her little rapscallion who shares my name, and her deep motherly love for him. And I AGREED with her … all of us ARE bad, lol. We continued talking – we both love the name Daniel … it truly is a beautiful name and one thing we both love is its uncommonness. Ana, thanks for that memorable little blip in my otherwise unforgettable day … something tells me your little Daniel is the man too, lol!! 😎