I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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… that’s one badass name! one tough, SOB mofo name! a cop you wouldn’t want to fuck with name… a cop on the take name! a super-spy-sleuth name! a chicks dig ya just ’cause of yer name name! damn, oozes coolness (gotta be top five best names ever – equally awesome for females too)… Riley! just met the man, and he is badass and cool…  but, he’s my endodontist! afterwards, gave me his mobile… looks like Riley and I are best buds!

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ok, i’m off and running! uhmm, now what?

finally legit joined yer social media site … no more phoneybaloney @rightorwrongmans! left that account for dead eons ago. but, would love to have those followers, lol! actually, joined only ’cause i knew at this point finding an available kick-ass handle incorporating what i wanted incorporated would prove difficult, if not impossible, and if i wasn’t able to, never would have. but, surprisingly and miraculously this wasn’t taken, was still shaking my head available? another deciding factor was def no numbers, def no underscores …  def no way i’m taking a shit-name at this point, had to be nuthin’ but characters y’all. Also, when you say my name, it has to flow from yer tongue, AND it does … I LOVE IT!! ok, pics up; check – following a few; check. which brings me back to the beginning, what i said before … uhmm, now what?!?!

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“all Daniels are bad” – Ana

… is what she said when she read my name off my AMEX as I was takin’ ‘vantage of their good customer loyalty program deal (told ya all I was gonna weasel my way in, lol) they were offering in conjunction with Lowe’s. She said it affectionately referring to her little rapscallion who shares my name, and her deep motherly love for him. And I AGREED with her … all of us ARE bad, lol. We continued talking – we both love the name Daniel … it truly is a beautiful name and one thing we both love is its uncommonness. Ana, thanks for that memorable little blip in my otherwise unforgettable day … something tells me your little Daniel is the man too, lol!! 😎