I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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doin’ her investigative reporting W-I-D-E stance!!

… someone thinks she’s hot, lol! Won’t even bother to acknowledge her by name… hell no initials either. Fuck her. Pissed I missed her from a more head-on angle, had the perfect view too, but kept creeping forward in babyzen while hurriedly rushing to get my phone out. Is two days in a row now I saw her standing in the exact spot at Dundas Square as well. Me thinks she loves the attention and adoration. Again… fuck her!


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“best $40 I ever spent” – danistrulytheman

Jonathan laughed when I said that! I greeted my postie (3rd day straight – finally arrived) today, I had both decals applied within 20 minutes! The pic of the one on the hood doesn’t do it justice (if anything, reveals my chipping paint), but the rear pic is awesome… is the one people will see most of the time! At a distance, both look so incredible… feel like I’ve a new car, lol! Oh, BTW… this is the first money I spent on my honey since buying her 6 months ago… BabyZen is very, very, happy… I am too!!