I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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“it’s Swedish, it’s sporty, it’s got a key in the middle next to the armrest… it’s like a spaceship” – Beverly Goldberg

LOL, funny Saab scene! Other than the untouchable POI, this is my fave show on the tube!

Yes, Erica… cooler than a Mustang 5.0… way cooler!

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“best $40 I ever spent” – danistrulytheman

Jonathan laughed when I said that! I greeted my postie (3rd day straight – finally arrived) today, I had both decals applied within 20 minutes! The pic of the one on the hood doesn’t do it justice (if anything, reveals my chipping paint), but the rear pic is awesome… is the one people will see most of the time! At a distance, both look so incredible… feel like I’ve a new car, lol! Oh, BTW… this is the first money I spent on my honey since buying her 6 months ago… BabyZen is very, very, happy… I am too!!



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Zexy Zen!!

Sexy Zen Baby … today was the day! I had these beautiful, quintessential, Saab ALU36 rims w/ ZR tyres in storage, waiting for warmer weather. Recently, I’ve been searching online wanting to swap out my winters for my summers. Having a hard time too, finally said fuck it – drove to see my man Ram (was so nice seeing him btw – he even knew/sensed the changes in my life, that was before he saw my new ride … and then when he did, he immediately understood why I bought the fecking thing – he got it … now, actually am contemplating further simple servicing w/ him) … luckily he wasn’t too busy and he even topped up the pressure to 35psi when done. AND, the best part … he was WAY cheaper than everybody else – $20 … are you f’n kidding me?!?! Driving back on the highway … OMG, difference was night and day compared to the winter tyres – unbelievably quiet, smooth … and w/ so much grip! Chuffed as fuck, you have no idea!! Funny; realized on the drive back, this is my first time behind the wheel (other than the test drive I took mid November last year) with these gorgeous summer rims/tyres since I bought it! Took her for a wash as soon as I got back home – was mandatory!

Zweet!! A few pics y’all!!




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winter gear!

… cranked the wheels to show (off) my snow tire tread. but, not before taking zen baby for an awesome carwash. a bit of a story, will say it did involve a suicide u-turn, lol! being a hands on guy … was my 1st time in an automated carwash in a coon’s age. best part?! no tax … and free vacuuming! woohoo!


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a long long time coming!

Buckle up, this one’s a doozy! It all began when I was working in Leeds Grenville a few months back. When it rains, we don’t work … so I planned to venture for a 1K walk to a local car dealership. Thing though, it was raining full throttle with no let-up. I even asked the front desk if anyone had an umbrella, or if there was one in lost and found. None. So sitting in what constitutes a lobby, just called to chat. Turns out, they didn’t even have a vehicle that I was looking for on lot. Sales woman was friendly enough, we chatted for 20-30 minutes, I gave her my number in case anything popped up. Later back at home when I had free time, I’d drive to dealerships looking for my car. None, again! So, I took proactive measures and called her, she vaguely remembered me, but now I enlisted her to help me find my car. We communicated via email, text, phone calls (I never met the woman), and she indicated to me after a location search, that in all of Canada, there were only 6 to be had!! Can you imagine? I knew they were hard to find, but ONLY six?! We kept communicating/negotiating for a month … oh, and this is a valuable lesson to new car buyers. It’s always good practice to do this, you’re under no obligation, and you gain valuable experience, so when you are serious, it’s like second nature. I eventually whittled her down to $775/month (if I had everything my way) for 5 years w/$5700 down. She texted me one day, apologizing about the mixup she had w/ her manager. Her last words were “I’m sorry”. Worked out good, I was done anyways … what the motherfuck was I thinking? Was crazy expensive to begin with, but shit, how stupid am I? I woulda committed myself solely on getting a great deal?!

Next came John, he was my VW man. I researched the new 2015 Golf TDI extensively, so when I called about getting insurance for my chettychevy I was thrown for a loop when I found out I had to give up my first born … or $3400/year! Are you fucking nuts?? Since, I had my insurance agent on the line, and since it took a shit-load of time garnering a simple quote for my shit-box, asked about the Golf … $3200 he said! Was right then and there, I knew I was selling the beater! John and I were good to go, we emailed, texted, talked (met too). Went in for a test drive, man-oh-motherfucking-man … that ride was SWEET!! We worked out quotes, I had everything written down that I wanted; the tint, the winter tires on separate alloys. Everything! We planned on me coming in on Wednesday. I did … was prepared to drop my AMEX on his desk and put in an offer. I also knew, the availability of my car; colour & options would take a few weeks to source, or wait to be built. Perfect. I arrived at 11:45 am, the receptionist told me he starts work at 12:00 … I bolted. I actually got a text from him a few minutes later as I was driving saying he’d be there in 5 minutes, and to please come back if I could (she called/texted him obviously). Ok, here was this particular deal I had in the works; $640/month … but get this, for four years instead of five … plus, w/ only $2900 down! Great deal … BUT, once again, what the fuck was I thinking? I did call to tell him I wasn’t coming back, not now at least … the timing wasn’t right. I told John he was my VW man, and he still is. If my world turns again, I’ll be back to see him!

OK, so still without a sweet ride, went back to where it all began. I had an affinity for Saab since the 9-3 was introduced in 1999. I’d shamelessly visit dealerships back then with nary a hope of purchasing. The salesmen knew this, yet they entertained me nonetheless. After a relentless search, I found this beauty. You can find these last-of-the-batch-hatchbacks selling anywhere from $2,000 – $3500 (much more for convertibles, Viggens)! Mine wasn’t cheap, but it’s sweet-pristine. And, get this; w/ taxes, all in … was hundreds LESS than the downpayment I was willing to put down on the first vehicle. AND, MINUS $775/month for five years to boot! Whoa, holy fuck! Finally, I KNEW what I was thinking!!