I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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I need your negative crap like I need a hole in my fucking head!!

Get lost cunt, you’re a waste of time/space! I WON’T be dragged down by you, nor will I spread your negativity to my loved ones, perpetuating it further, seeking commiseration by spewing crap ’bout you! And, how dare you lay claim, sharing my positive name, lol?! I’m good y’all … Zen!

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I got my flower I got my power. I got a woman who knows!

I said it’s alright you know it’s alright. I guess it’s all in my heart!
You’ll be my only my one and only. Is that the way it should start?

You are my flower you are my power. You are my woman who knows!

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My KenKen Zen

LOVE this!! And this particular game (version) with rows of nine/a grid of eighty one  … it’s the toughest, the most challenging – KenKen putting its best to the test (honestly, because it’s so mentally demanding, find it so relaxing and peaceful (weird, eh?!) … ZenBaby, lol) as it were. I still remember being introduced to it at Shouldice, grabbing a complimentary copy of The Globe And Mail and finding myself intrigued by this new puzzle, and feeling cocky (yeah yeah yeah, lol) as I began playing while awaiting my turn with the good doctor … almost 30 minutes elapsed, and still was stumped … then it suddenly started falling into place … and at that time the Dr. came out and called my name … and quickly did a one-eighty, expecting me to be following right behind. Nope, not a fucking chance. Didn’t flinch – remained seated … needed 20 more seconds to complete my first attempt at KenKen – wasn’t about to quit/give in then … hernia be damned, lol!! And, I’ve never looked back … before that day, Sudoku was my game … find KenKen much more tantalizing. Completion can take anywhere from 15 minutes, to a few days (I never devote more than half an hour at a sitting btw). Love logic – love keeping my brain sharp … but not my pencil, ALWAYS play in pen. Inked, no 2nd chances here folks!!

2 recent games (victorious – go ahead, check … PLEASE, lol) …

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