I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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… I love your name, Naima! Hell, I LOVE you! Now, I know I did swearsies not to pursue this further, and I’m sorry I broke my promise (dammit, I can’t help myself)… but I’m thrilled I did! At least, I kept my promise of being calm, kind, and polite! But what kills me about yesterday’s episode versus today’s is how difficult vs easy they were. AND, keep in mind after all the teeth pulling yesterday, I was explicitly told, don’t come back scratching for more scratch. After a brief hold, and without consulting a supervisor, Naima did right by me… no questions asked! I guess, I am an excellent customer after all.

… thanks, Naima!

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Thanks Taylor!!

Chick… not dude! As in Swift… and, was she! All started w/seeing my Bell bill this morning… then seeing red! Was furious… I just spoke w/customer service not even 2 weeks ago straightening the whole mess/everything out?! Honestly, I’ve had it, was done… was calling to quit. Dude transferred me over to their cancellation department, and is where Taylor took over. She was able to do what others couldn’t, or weren’t allowed. She told me they had an across the board price increase (which I surmised), but what pissed me off, is why when given a month’s credit last time for my problems, wasn’t it for the new price, instead of the old since the increase was implemented beginning April? That’s what tipped me off, alerted me that something was amiss! Needless to say, that was the first thing done, the difference credited to my account – funny, after getting that, was still gonna quit, lol! Then, after a few minutes on hold, she came back w/a crazy-assed price, lower than my previous negotiations (which, I did receive the credit for as well). Starting today, I’ll be saving over $135 a year (on top of all the credits, so many, hard to keep track, lol)! She did warn me that price increases do occur, but also said they’re not expecting any in the foreseeable future (this year). Oh, suffice it to say, I asked for further retroactive discounts as well… and received them! NOW, I’m extremely happy… thanks again, Taylor!!

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Thanks for the Swag, Steph!!

WOW!! How’s that for love? I have been a long-time loyal customer, but I really wasn’t expecting THAT, hell I wasn’t expecting anything! Two brand new logo (shape, too) premium lager glasses (which I was coveting), PLUS a voucher for an 8-pack… a $21.95 value itself! And, love the handwritten letter, such a personal touch! Thanks, Steph… and thanks folks at Creemore… best beer, and def best people behind the beer!! Cheers!!

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