I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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street dogs & creemore!

inspired by my PC® brand buns (check out the poppy seeds, extra long too) purchased today… love these bad boys! already had the all beef jumbo franks in the fridge… was a perfect marriage. roughly chopped sweet onion, sliced tomatoes, hot peppers, mustard… and, the secret ingredient (drum roll, please)… cheez whiz!! perfect for a hotter than hell july day, after a long day of work… and, after a 5k run… danistrulythemotherfuckingman!!





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yum eats!

organic spring mix, best tomatoes EVER (from Holland), Vidalia onion, pumpkin seeds, and that’s just the salad!

best buns (Toscana), my bomber sauce, creminis (50% off), Jarlsberg, Angus Beef (seasoned w/ s&p, and Barberians)!

all served w/ my beloved Creemore!

… the feck ’bout this shite ain’t yum, lol?!?!






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Thanks for the Swag, Steph!!

WOW!! How’s that for love? I have been a long-time loyal customer, but I really wasn’t expecting THAT, hell I wasn’t expecting anything! Two brand new logo (shape, too) premium lager glasses (which I was coveting), PLUS a voucher for an 8-pack… a $21.95 value itself! And, love the handwritten letter, such a personal touch! Thanks, Steph… and thanks folks at Creemore… best beer, and def best people behind the beer!! Cheers!!

IMG_7816 (2)




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Run Like A Kenyan, Drink Like A German!

Running & Beer Drinking! Is there anything better? God, I love you both, lol!

This may be the single best run I’ve had since I boarded TheRunningTrain. Sure, I PRed, but it was much more than that. I felt very strong throughout, even when I finished … normally I feel so winded, completely spent. Not today! I ran the first 5K in 22:57, I brought home the final 5K in 22:14! Are you f’ing kidding me? To put that in perspective; my 5K PR is 22:02. Honestly, I know having my RunKeeper set providing audio cues every minute helped. During that second half, I was determined to keep my pace at 220m per call … and I did. In fact, often covering 230m, even 240m occasionally … and anytime/every time I achieved those distances … I dug deeper, giving it all I had for the following minute, feeding off the accomplishment of my previous minute … you know what I mean? Yep, def has to be my greatest effort to date! Now … where’s my beer?!

10K – 45:12 …


Fast 5K – Faster 5K …


There you are. Well hello, good looking …


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“Nothing ever tasted better than a cold beer on a beautiful afternoon with nothing to look forward to than more of the same.” – Hugh Hood

… ain’t that the motherfucking truth!!

… cheers y’all!! 😎


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Fionn MacCool’s WagJagged!

… we WagJagged the shit outta the joint! Tiff signed up for the typical coupon rate – pay $10, get $20. ‘Cept she was asked to complete a survey (said, it wasn’t even really a survey, only a few questions) and would be credited $5 for doing so. Hello? Freebies for Tiff are a no-brainer, lol! And Fionn’s was tacking on an extra $5 worth of fare if you used the WagJag within the first four days it became available. We went day one, lol! Bottom line: $25 credit (for a measly $5) before we even set foot in their PaddyAss pub … AND with our luck o’ the Irish, it was a Thursday, just so happens, it’s $5 craft beers night (they also offer other day of the week specials, but nothing to match this one). Anyways, a few pics (shitty pics, lighting was iPhone awful) …

My name is Dan, I’m a craft addict, lol …


Creemore – my homeboy …


Anchors Away! My love for Liberty goes WAY back …


My lamb burger w/ Stilton …


Tiff’s prime rib burger …


Check out the check y’all! Irish eyes were def smilin’ …


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end of the week, end of the month, celebratory shenanigans!!

… I needed this! And now home and going through my shitty, dark iPhone pics, using my Aviary app to make shitty, illuminated iPhone pics realize I’m almost one hour into June! A few pics … that’s my half eaten bison burger and frites! G’night, and God bless!!





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more Union dues

… brunch at UNION Restaurant. Again. Great Toronto joint (on the Ossington strip). Great brunch. Again. Sorry, lazy-ass blog today. Blah.

blueberry pancakes w/bacon & maple syrup;


sausage, beans and corned beef;


BBQ ribs eggs benny;


mushroom & fontina frittata (X2);


the bill -$175 w/tip;


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more chillin’ than grillin’

Warm days have been great, I ain’t complainin’. Just that during these days my motivation/excitement level to bbq is through the proverbial roof. But, by the time I get home after stopping and shopping for groceries, and then firing up the grill (doing some prep work while I wait) … day suddenly disappears into night. Temps drop quickly too – maybe just appears that way as I’m special occasion/celebrating drinking my frosty Creemore, lol. Here’s a few pics; two strip steaks (rubbed liberally with garlic salt, cracked black pepper, and my secret – Barberian’s Steak Seasoning), and four Mexican style sausages courtesy my local Fortinos … enjoy y’all!!

fire in the hole

grill marks looking good

the PERFECT char

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if it’s Tuesday this must be Buffalo Wild Wings

… was extremely unexpected, the phone call … the invite. And who am I to turn down 1/2 price anything, let alone 1/2 price wings. Ordered 20 wild … but due to a bit of a delay getting danistrulythethirstyman his 2nd Creemore, was surprisingly comped 5 wings. Everyone was extremely apologetic (manager walked over for a personal apology … with my fingers & face all red-hot sauced, and my mouth full – munching on wings … trying my best to say thanks for the gesture, but more importantly wanting to shoo him away … please, don’t ever approach me while I’m in that condition, lol) and honestly wasn’t even creating a fuss for that beer either … not like I normally can, lol … was them that created all the fuss ’bout me sitting there all empty-glassed. Some pics to share … wanted to include gracious waitress but she was so shy … coulda swore she was Polish (with her thick accent, and being in these neck of the woods), but turns out Agi is a sweet little paprikash from Budapest!!

15 wild + blue cheese dip

my other 5 – I mean 10 … WOOHOO

ahhhhh, my Creemore finally, lol

lawyer-boy havin’ at ‘er … as if he’s never seen a chicken wing before, lol

… and the bill

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low-key Thanksgiving!!

Circumstances (which I won’t get into, divulge) dictated this simple affair!! And ya know what?? … easy and understated beats fancy schmancyANYEFFINGTIME!! Felt great for once not slaving (for days) in the kitchen for the troops. Too tired to story-tell folks … here’s a few pics from earlier today.

Creemore, coffee, and Canadian sparkling water …

Tiff K’s flat top

Burger, frites and mayonnaise (love the Bibb btw) …

check out the doneness, perfectly rare …

another look  …

… and the bill …

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80oz. to freedom

… five pounds (mad love Sublime btw) worth of prime-time porterhouse … check out the fat tenderloin portion …  porterhouse baby … ain’t talkin’ T-bone here folks!! Finding this cut at your local meat market can be challenging (typically want that filet to be sold separately at a much higher price), luckily not only was I able to … but the butcher gladly band sawed two 2 inch thick cuts as requested. AND, I scored a steal-of-a deal on price per pound too … sweet!!

Sea salt, cracked black pepper … then sizzlin’ kissin’ my Weber grate …

LOVE the flip (who doesn’t, lol?) …

FIRE … lol …

Almost done – happy happy (thanks Emeril, lol) …

Cut from the bone and sliced …

Sorry, that pic ain’t exactly the best showcasing the beauty of the dish – in my haste to sit and eat, got lazy with the camera, so it’s all I got y’all, lol. I let it rest a good ten minutes prior to carving … was a beautiful rare, medium-rare … splashed with steak au jus over top after plating, served it with my grilled mushroom, onion, garlic medley … my secret special blue cheese sauce, and for a change … potato scallion bread … and washed down with my fave Creemore … errr, that’s not for a change, lol!! 😉

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Altacocker loves his Altbier!!

… lol, maybe I’m not THAT old … thinking up a post title, this made me laugh. Must admit, had a helluva time finally finding the brew, turned into a real beer seeking mission. Luckily the Creemore Crew stepped up and helped a brother out pointing me in the right direction. Saying happy they did is a huge understatement. WOW – first word outta my mouth after my first taste (think I was still swallowing, lol). Great stuff guys – your beers are the best, you never fail to impress … hmmm, how’s that’s for a danistrulytheman quote, lol?!

On the shelf …

Case in hand …

The wait is over …



That’s it … thirteen measly dollars!! After leaving the house this morning I pulled into the gas station and start pumping … a quick pat of my back pocket where I keep my wallet (it’s a reflex, constantly doing it, lol) with my free hand, and feeling nothing (I immediately panic … another reflex, lol) … I check my front pocket where I keep my money … and nothing again. I FORGOT my wallet, and my money roll at home. I stop filling my tank and hang up the nozzle knowing I’ve got enough petrol for the day and that I have enough loose change to cover the amount owing. After paying, I snap this pic … for the time being this is what I’m worth … $13 …

And after this, with home not even 5 minutes away, and I’m not late or anything … seems easy enough to drive back and get my wad and wallet. Right? Not a fucking chance!! See the way I figured it … with my shit luck of late … having no money, credit cards, debit cards, not even my driver’s licence for a day would probably do me some good in a strange danistrulytheman convoluted course of action kinda way, and turn my fortunes around … at least that’s my thinking, albeit wishful thinking perhaps. But in the mean time, how much Creemore does thirteen dollars get you these days, lol? 😉


Trappist Beer

I’ve always loved my beer, and have tried/experimented with easily well over 100 brands/names. And those who know me, know that my two favourite beers of recent times are Creemore and Pilsner Urquell … both very high quality and both easy to drink, and drink … and … lol. But since my self imposed beeratorium … and raising a glass with increasing infrequency (I’m somewhat embarrassed calling myself a beer drinker now … I feel like an excommunicated member, lol), I was prompted purchasing these. Trappist beers are a select group … only seven Trappist Monasteries qualify and are permitted to brew beer to be sold as Authentic Trappist Product. Inasmuch as I’m drinking less … hell, I might as well drink the very best … AND these beers (unlike my aforementioned beloved pilsners) are meant to be consumed at a much warmer temperature and really aren’t favourable to drinking more than one or two at a go … you ain’t guzzling, you won’t be pounding these back, lol. They’re meant to be savoured and enjoyed sparingly … which is exactly what I’m doing on this lazy hazy Sunday afternoon. Cheers y’all!!

The obligatory LCBO receipt …

Loved the champagne style corked tops on the 750 ml bottles …

Don’t own a Chimay chalice (working on it, lol), my Leffe beer glass substitutes …

And a halfsack of Anchor’s Liberty Ale (old habits die hard, lol) …

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Burger Week?!?!

… more like Burger Day!! 

Tiffany K and I found out about it last minute, so were only able to take part on the final day.

Participating restaurants:

… and neatly mapped:

Once we became aware, we decided early yesterday morning to go to The Gladstone Hotel (#3) … their burgers sounded great, plus we were gonna be nearby – was a win win!! OMG, what a beautiful café … so relaxing, you def don’t wanna rush … ya wanna unwind soaking in the atmosphere, the company, just chillin’ ‘n veggin’!! It was here (after we ordered) that we talked about, came up with the idea of having our burger day … too bad it wasn’t planned earlier, otherwise we would have done it slightly differently … we would been smarter ’bout ‘pproaching it!!

The café (was packed, honestly, lol … this is a narrow view that I took when no one was in the shot):

duo de Blanche de Chambly (yes, VERY light and cloudy, AND yes great great beer):

uno B de C (ignore the beer glass)… nice Tiffany  Tiffany K, lol:

The burgers:

… and the bill (of course, lol):

Done!! But as I said, sitting in sumptuous comfort we decided this would only be the beginning … UNION Restaurant (#8), here we come!! And if you peek at the map, can see they’re just a stone’s throw away from each other, literally a hop skip and a jump apart!!

AHHHH, my beloved Creemore, lol:

The burgers:

Juicy, bit ‘o pink too:

… and the bill – Fuck Brunch, LOL!!:

Two down one to go … BQM Burgershoppe (#7) … (hold on, wait a minute … beep beep beep … we played that one smart, 1 burger, 1 beer each … something we should have started out doing .. am still pissed at those $4 fries, what was I thinking, ALMOST the cost of a burger, lol? … just takes away from the frugality – fun of it … and puts unwanted carbs in my belly) is next … our final stop, and it’s conveniently located on the same street and within walking distance, which we did!! But tiny Tiffany K’s gut was beginning to burst. Standing on the outside staring in was as close we were gonna get, but that was ok!! And as they say … two out of three ain’t bad!! No it ain’t, no it motherfucking ain’t!!

A few thoughts:

Hands down EVERYTHING was better at The Gladstone … ‘cept the burger … it was ordinary at best, nothing special & nothing memorable!! UNION on the other hand, while immediately (ok, initially) being a bit of a letdown, it was so fucking hot inside!! No chance of leisurely lingering for hours, like we wanted to at The Gladstone  you just wanted to scarf yer burger and bolt (Christ, I was tempted to ask for take-out … but meaning no Creemore, meant not a chance in hell, lol), come to think of it, we kinda did, lol!! Ok ok, they did have the aforementioned Creemore … and their burgers FUCKING rocked!! Without question, WAY better … ’twas a no-brainer picking a winner … the breadbutter pickles, the coco bun … momentarily I held a handful of Heaven!! I almost started to cry, LOL!!

… and a couple bonus pics:

Loved the Chambly so much (had it before btw, wasn’t new to me), went out and bought (snapped this before I did, lol) a halfsack today, lol:

Throughout the day was taking washroom mirror pics, lol … have a shitload too (and what does this have to do with this blogpost? Absolutely nothing, lol!!), but I’ll only show y’all the very first one, before I even made it into either restaurant … and I ain’t telling ya where I was at, lol … less ya know, the better trust me, lol … what a fucking nut (oui, moi, lol) … danistrulytheman 06/02/12: