I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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street dogs & creemore!

inspired by my PC® brand buns (check out the poppy seeds, extra long too) purchased today… love these bad boys! already had the all beef jumbo franks in the fridge… was a perfect marriage. roughly chopped sweet onion, sliced tomatoes, hot peppers, mustard… and, the secret ingredient (drum roll, please)… cheez whiz!! perfect for a hotter than hell july day, after a long day of work… and, after a 5k run… danistrulythemotherfuckingman!!





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yum eats!

organic spring mix, best tomatoes EVER (from Holland), Vidalia onion, pumpkin seeds, and that’s just the salad!

best buns (Toscana), my bomber sauce, creminis (50% off), Jarlsberg, Angus Beef (seasoned w/ s&p, and Barberians)!

all served w/ my beloved Creemore!

… the feck ’bout this shite ain’t yum, lol?!?!






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Thanks for the Swag, Steph!!

WOW!! How’s that for love? I have been a long-time loyal customer, but I really wasn’t expecting THAT, hell I wasn’t expecting anything! Two brand new logo (shape, too) premium lager glasses (which I was coveting), PLUS a voucher for an 8-pack… a $21.95 value itself! And, love the handwritten letter, such a personal touch! Thanks, Steph… and thanks folks at Creemore… best beer, and def best people behind the beer!! Cheers!!

IMG_7816 (2)




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Run Like A Kenyan, Drink Like A German!

Running & Beer Drinking! Is there anything better? God, I love you both, lol!

This may be the single best run I’ve had since I boarded TheRunningTrain. Sure, I PRed, but it was much more than that. I felt very strong throughout, even when I finished … normally I feel so winded, completely spent. Not today! I ran the first 5K in 22:57, I brought home the final 5K in 22:14! Are you f’ing kidding me? To put that in perspective; my 5K PR is 22:02. Honestly, I know having my RunKeeper set providing audio cues every minute helped. During that second half, I was determined to keep my pace at 220m per call … and I did. In fact, often covering 230m, even 240m occasionally … and anytime/every time I achieved those distances … I dug deeper, giving it all I had for the following minute, feeding off the accomplishment of my previous minute … you know what I mean? Yep, def has to be my greatest effort to date! Now … where’s my beer?!

10K – 45:12 …


Fast 5K – Faster 5K …


There you are. Well hello, good looking …


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“Nothing ever tasted better than a cold beer on a beautiful afternoon with nothing to look forward to than more of the same.” – Hugh Hood

… ain’t that the motherfucking truth!!

… cheers y’all!! 😎


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Fionn MacCool’s WagJagged!

… we WagJagged the shit outta the joint! Tiff signed up for the typical coupon rate – pay $10, get $20. ‘Cept she was asked to complete a survey (said, it wasn’t even really a survey, only a few questions) and would be credited $5 for doing so. Hello? Freebies for Tiff are a no-brainer, lol! And Fionn’s was tacking on an extra $5 worth of fare if you used the WagJag within the first four days it became available. We went day one, lol! Bottom line: $25 credit (for a measly $5) before we even set foot in their PaddyAss pub … AND with our luck o’ the Irish, it was a Thursday, just so happens, it’s $5 craft beers night (they also offer other day of the week specials, but nothing to match this one). Anyways, a few pics (shitty pics, lighting was iPhone awful) …

My name is Dan, I’m a craft addict, lol …


Creemore – my homeboy …


Anchors Away! My love for Liberty goes WAY back …


My lamb burger w/ Stilton …


Tiff’s prime rib burger …


Check out the check y’all! Irish eyes were def smilin’ …