I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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“Y as in Yonkey” – Raja

Holy fuck!! You’re a motherfucking yonkey Raja!! Even after correcting yourself w/ “y as in yellow”… I wouldn’t let it go. Kept chastising him, telling him it ain’t a word, and never to do it again, lol!!

Update/addendum: was blog posting while on hold, Raja transferred me to the credit department… they happily credited my account $55.31!! SWEET!!

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Thanks Taylor!!

Chick… not dude! As in Swift… and, was she! All started w/seeing my Bell bill this morning… then seeing red! Was furious… I just spoke w/customer service not even 2 weeks ago straightening the whole mess/everything out?! Honestly, I’ve had it, was done… was calling to quit. Dude transferred me over to their cancellation department, and is where Taylor took over. She was able to do what others couldn’t, or weren’t allowed. She told me they had an across the board price increase (which I surmised), but what pissed me off, is why when given a month’s credit last time for my problems, wasn’t it for the new price, instead of the old since the increase was implemented beginning April? That’s what tipped me off, alerted me that something was amiss! Needless to say, that was the first thing done, the difference credited to my account – funny, after getting that, was still gonna quit, lol! Then, after a few minutes on hold, she came back w/a crazy-assed price, lower than my previous negotiations (which, I did receive the credit for as well). Starting today, I’ll be saving over $135 a year (on top of all the credits, so many, hard to keep track, lol)! She did warn me that price increases do occur, but also said they’re not expecting any in the foreseeable future (this year). Oh, suffice it to say, I asked for further retroactive discounts as well… and received them! NOW, I’m extremely happy… thanks again, Taylor!!

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Evander Holy-Shit!!

Still am in disbelief?!?! You are incredible, talk about customer loyalty – an Apple in my eye! Left my iTunes library for dead after my deleting missteps/futile transfer attempts! Wasn’t even the reason for today’s phone call, only wanted to transfer/salvage cds I burned yesterday! I did all my crying last night, was moving forward despite it all … but you were able to retrieve all my songs. Thank you! Funny thing though, this whole transfer thingie WAS WAY WAY harder than even you imagined, gave you plenty (PLENTY) of troubles too … as evidenced by our 2 hour chat – with you having complete shared access to both my computers to boot! No goddamn fucking way laypeople coulda figured that shit out! No way! Am so thrilled as you [other(s) too, lol] intimated that I don’t migrate data! What a fucking mess that woulda been as you said … bringing over all my headaches, my problems … so much redundancy, files piled upon files upon files upon files upon files … woulda brought all that crap over to my brand spanking new iMac! Now that that’s done, cleared away the Mini off my desk (monitor/speakers for now – till you call back Sunday so we can wipe it clean military grade too as you suggested … and since we are, am gonna sell the bitch too, better than sledgehammering as I told ya I was gonna do, lol), so many wires gone – more to go, but looks so (exsqueeze the poor/dark lighting folks – ya get the idea y’all) squeaky-clean! Thank you Evander, will talk Sunday, looking forward to your call!!


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“I ain’t no barista, but …” – danistrulytheman

… all I wanted was my drink sans any problems! Same as I get all the time at all the other Starbucks! My Grande extra hot no foam no water chai latte!! Why must simple things become complicated?? Thinking out loud – never mind. Thanks Marina for expeditiously responding and resolving my issues, as well as for the two freebie drink (any size -woohoo) coupons. Er, kinda resolving I should say … now have customer service rep Michelle on the case lending a helping hand … w/another drink coupon being sent my way, lol! Like I said during our conversation, I never call about all the good experiences, I really wish I never had to contact/call you ’bout the bad … gratis coffee/tea or not!


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BIG shout-out to the lovely Carol Merrill from Montreal!

THANKS, for all your help! Loved hearing your continuous laughter during our time/talk together! You have such a lovely laugh!

… it was one of those conversations were neither wanted to leave/say goodbye, so, sadly I decided for the both of us! Thanks again Carol!

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Helene! I love you!!

Another classic phone call where neither caller/callee wanted it to end (well, classic danistrulytheman phone call that is. I def have a knack for that). You did mention the time was approaching 1 hour … and no matter you speak French as a 1st language. I speak swearsies, lol! Thanks for a great phone-call, thanks for all your nine years on the job experience advice, and thanks for that $25 credit (pre-adjusted I might add – you didn’t have to do that, but I thank you)! Yep, gold’s def for girls as I adamantly & quickly responded when ya asked, but laughedMFAO (we both did – I could hear you, lol) when you said, “and, old men” …LOL!!

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Sometimes the best techies aren’t the best techies!

A few days ago I was having a problem where I needed to call technical support for assistance. I must have been on (and off, he kept calling me back as well throughout the evening) for a good three hours with him. And while he was helpful, the bottom line is that he never fixed what needed fixing. Tried my luck again the following day, and this time the techie was more knowledgable than the first, he (and I) worked hard trying to solve the issue, and while he taught me a great deal (hopefully I’ll be able to use this in the future), once again … after considerable time was still left holding the bag (the empty … broken bag, as it were). Persistence is thine name danistrulytheman … no way I was gonna quit, let them off the hook … so on day three, call AGAIN with this never ending ongoing sad sack saga. After dealing with the previous two reps, immediately could sense this rep was in WAY over her head, and didn’t possess troubleshooting skills as the others. I really believed this was gonna be a waste of time, and I would try later hoping for a more tech savvy rep answering my call, but something strange and magical happened … now, I know I’m being somewhat coy, I don’t want to divulge the whole story, but she was able to do something beyond her capabilities, something the previous two were unable to … and it all has to do with knowing one’s limitations, and approaching the problem from a fresh perspective. In 20 – 30 minutes everything was in working order … she was able to come up with a solution where others weren’t! I was dumbfounded (still am to be honest), and when she came to that proverbial customer service rep line, “is there anything else we can help you with today?” … I didn’t want to hang-up, I didn’t want that good feeling to end! 😆

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thought I was gonna vomit!!

… first walking to my car, then driving home … and that wasn’t the worst of it … nauseousness kept lingering!! Thankfully SS previously prepared me (really reminded me) beforehand of what might happen … IMMEDIATE SENSORY PERCEPTION OVERLOAD is best I can describe throwing on a pair of prescribed glasses for the first time (in my old-man lifetime) …  haven’t been accustomed to sporting them for almost 35 years, ‘nstead choosing wearing contact lenses … goodbye periphery – hello tunnel vision best sums it up!! Was barely able to drive home alone without getting into an accident all you macaulays out there … thankfully any ralphing is waning!! AND big thanks to Cincinnati Melissa, Toronto Perry and TO TJ for quickresolutionofmyphonecallpissedoffness (within a couple of hours too, btw) regarding issues of said headgear … LOVE great customer service, and you guys fucking rock … kudos, and thanks!! 🙂