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Another 4K PR, & weekend musings!

quickie recap:

here’s my record run – ALMOST cracked the 17 minute barrier. honestly, don’t think i’m capable of giving more than i did today.



we decided to paint. paint the garage door. i hate painting. but, the day was PERFECT … sunny, breezy, about 18Ā°. plus, that shit was like clam chowder, like tapioca pudding … so i don’t really consider it painting, more like globbing on thick shit, lol. and OMFG, Tiff picked out the most gorgeous colourĀ (Behr’s antique white 1823u from Home Depot), semi-gloss … the premium plus w/ primer. we def have the best looking garage door in the neighbourhood.


picked up the italians from the airport. drove them home, had the best time listening to their experiences/vacation stories. late evening, went out for dinner, and ’cause of boy wonder’s clout, the bill for the WHOLE dinner came to a whopping $7 + tax … I was charged for only ONE beer, lol!! suffice it to say, we left a huge-ass tip. it’s either the cheapest dinner we ever had, or the most expensive beer of all time, lol. was a great day, a great week-end.


tomorrow – stay tuned. big birthday bash!

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… or monster-sized … it’s a pick’em, lol!! Made these huge-ass spicy flavoured chicken breast (from M&M) sandwiches again … Crustini Buns from D’Italiano, loaded with shredded iceberg lettuce, thinly sliced sweet onions, thick sliced heirloom tomatoes (sorry, hidden in all the goodness, lol), a splash of 1/2 the fat mayo, and the silky smooth meltingly shimmering aforementioned Muenster … I LOVE LOVE this … and the beauty, all in – it’s 800 cals for the twins … looks like they LOVE LOVE me back, lol!!