I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


bitchn’ kitchn’ improv skills!

no bowl, no problem!

always had a knack making shite up as i go!

saved, and sliced an oj container makin’ a makeshift bowl. bob’s my uncle!

fridge/freezer clearing out process before the big move is today’s meal!

sausages grilled, then tossed my mario batali grill pan. thang was heavy as fuck!

PLUS… w/today’s returns, made a whole nineteen dollars and four cents… holla!

3 year old balderson/hot banana peppers omelette, grilled sausages, seasoned wedges!

damn straight… i’m def kitchn’ bitchn’!!








Olympic Gold Medal Chili Linguine!

… this shite is the whole nine yards! danstrulyhomemadechili w/egg noodle linguine (perfectly al dente), 3 cheeses, heavy sour cream, w/ a splash of the world’s best hot sauce!

… ice cold beer; local Canadian beer too! WIN WIN… WIN!!






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yum eats!

organic spring mix, best tomatoes EVER (from Holland), Vidalia onion, pumpkin seeds, and that’s just the salad!

best buns (Toscana), my bomber sauce, creminis (50% off), Jarlsberg, Angus Beef (seasoned w/ s&p, and Barberians)!

all served w/ my beloved Creemore!

… the feck ’bout this shite ain’t yum, lol?!?!






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that’s a shite-load of chili!

… my le creuset says so! my oh-so-byoot-ah-ful-ova-flowin le creuset, says so! one of my fave meals ever, so versatile! today am KISS, and goin’ classic.. goin’ old school basic!

pics don’t even begin to do it justice! flew solo today too… tiff missed the chili boat! she was busy serving/eating baba ganoush eggs benny bunny… baby!

… can you spell/smell leftovers, y’all?




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Oscar Omelette!

4 cheese – Manchego, 5 year old Cheddar, creamy Havarti, and Burrata straight outta Italy, along w/smoked turkey breast! served w/sweet onion/potato rösti, sausage, AND Dimpflmeier Prebiotic Bread… toasted and buttered!

AAANNNNDDDDD, that’s a fecking platter, NOT a plate!!


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no stew for you!

… and no, I ain’t the stew nazi, lol!

this is what 14 hours low n’ slow in the crockpot looks like! oh, and mine’s an old school ceramic Rival model w/only two settings; low & high. no timer, nuthin’ fancy folks – workhorse still gets the job done!

… haricots verts motherfuckers!



meatballs, mushrooms, and marinara!

… m&m, & m! long story short; know damn well whole roasted mushrooms don’t belong – my 1st intent was meatball sandwiches. out the window that went. made my famous balls, instead served it simply. if served w/ $50 Barolo constitutes simply. next day, became my traditional spaghettini&meatballs (love this) meal. 3rd day turned into ‘the tossin’ the lot, the whole kit and kaboodle – then baking (my fave, btw – sorry, no pics) it. plus, still have 2 more days eats left! sweet, my 5 day eye-talian meal!






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sausages & chickpeas!

This is another one of my famous throw everything in the pot and hope for the best type of creations!! I bought sausages (hot Italian), and used whatever else I had in the house. I’ve been on a chickpeas roll of late, incorporating them in many meals I’ve been making … talk about awesome and healthy!! I grilled the sausages, then combined them w/ sautéed sweet onions, red peppers and kale. After a few minutes of sizzling ‘n flippin’ on high heat, I deglazed w/ white wine, added a bit of chicken broth, tossing in the chick peas, and bringing everthing to a simmer before placing in the oven to finish! Served w/ the obligatory/proverbial Italian crusty peasant loaf to sop up all the goodness, the best cheese you have in the icebox, a glass (or bottle, lol) of red vino, the lights dimmed creating the perfect ambience, Sting, or maybe Annie Lennox, playing softly in the background setting the mood… and yep, dansyermothereffinguncle

mungia mungia! farmer style mungia mungia …



yum, yum, and YUMMO


my stingy/meager portion (another blog post/lesson – another time) …


leftovers w/ fried & caramelized onions! leftovers are ALWAYS better …


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linguine leftovers! w/ sausage & rapini!

Finally … pics, lol! I think it’s day 3? And I def know, I’m the master of using what’s in my pantry/fridge … I’m The King of Leftovers!!

… roasted yellow peppers, jalapeño peppers, garlic & sweet onions too!!

Served w/ olive ciabatta, Romano Lupa … bob’s yer f’n uncle!! 



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Spinach and Cheese Frittata!!

OK, it was gonna be this (and sorry I forgot the name of this cheese. I do know it’s a hard cheese from Italy, and it’s very hard to source), but I had fresh tomatoes, and decided to throw in hot peppers to add some zip … but doesn’t Spinach and Cheese Frittata just SOUND better, lol? A few pics, enjoy!

love the layer of tomatoes …


slides off easily, from pan to plate


a couple wedges … love the spinach …


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South St. Burger Co.

… made it here … finally!! Had the group discount WagJag from what seems ages ago, and today decided to go. Oh, and I’ve never been to South St. … famous for their mango chutney (and no if you must know, not on you life, lol), as well as other fun (unique) offerings. I loaded my burger with gorgonzola, chipotle BBQ sauce, spicy onions, dijon horseradish mayo, w/lettuce and tomatoes too!! Tiff had guacamole, spicy onions, hot peppers, garlic mayo, honey mustard, w/lettuce and tomato (sorry, no pic). We agreed the food was good, Tiff especially loved the fries, and I second that – they were great. The burgers were good too … but nothing outstanding, we’ve def had better. Must admit, I really enjoyed the chipotle flavour on mine, the spiciness was perfect. Unfortunately the bottom line is we probably won’t go back … er, unless we snag another WagJag, lol!!

fries and shake …


ma burger (toasted bun – nice touch) …


even with the coupon – it ain’t cheap …


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beep beep beep

… backing up the leftover truck. didn’t realize, or plain ole forgot ’bout ’em.

from a rock hard frozen ice chunk, now back to life and simmering in my All-Clad


perfectly roasted mushrooms


my plate – served with a baguette (buttered), and lotsa cheese (of course, lol)


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I am the KING … love eating on the cheap, waste not want not … I’ll drag out a meal for a week, no joke. Started this party with meatballs (BEST batch btw – sorry, no pics) and my home made marinara. Three days in, digging through my creative cupboards (metaphorically & literally) I found these … Magyar noodles doing their best drywall plug imitation, and half a bag of Gomiti. Well, you know the drill … sea salt al dente, then added to ma ma meatballs … NOW I have more food than when I started, lol. Served with frozen garlic toast found in the freezer *score*, and freshly grated Grana Padano from my fridge. Note: must snap pics sans grated cheese – can’t see the forest for the trees. 💡




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sausage, poblano & onion, sweet spud hash

… leftovers!! Hits the stick-to-yer-ribs-spot … talkin’ comfort food y’all!! 2 pics, enjoy …


runny yolks folks (and YES, that’s ketchup, lol) …