I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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she’s the life that breathes in me

got a feelin’ that forever we are gonna stay together
for me there’s nothin’ better you’re the biggest part of me

well make a wish baby well I know we’ll make it come true 
make a list baby of the things I’ll do for you
ain’t no risk now in lettin’ my love rain down on you
so we could wash away the past so that we may start anew

more than an easy feelin’ she brings joy to me
how can I tell you what it means to me
flow like a lazy river for an eternity
I’ve finally found someone who believes in me and I’ll never leave

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but we can get there if we try

it seems there’s something deep inside of you
and I can tell that you’ve been lonely
and you’ve had hard times too

cause we believed for nothing it seems
and now it’s shattered all apart and like a broken heart
it’s the end it’s a start

I don’t wanna talk about that anymore when there’s nothing going on and something should be done

and I wanna live if I have to die
if I have to die if I have to die

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the big bosomed lady with a Dutch accent who tried to change my point of view

you’re ageless timeless lace and fineness
you’re beauty and elegance

you’re a rhapsody a comedy
you’re a symphony and a play

you’re an essay in glamour
please pardon the grammar
but you’re every schoolboy’s dream
you’re Celtic United but baby I’ve decided
you’re the best team I’ve ever seen