I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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but we can get there if we try

it seems there’s something deep inside of you
and I can tell that you’ve been lonely
and you’ve had hard times too

cause we believed for nothing it seems
and now it’s shattered all apart and like a broken heart
it’s the end it’s a start

I don’t wanna talk about that anymore when there’s nothing going on and something should be done

and I wanna live if I have to die
if I have to die if I have to die

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My First 5K Run!!

Ok, so technically NOT an official, organized one. Hey, I tried signing up for the JAZZ RUN in the Beaches tomorrow, but they were sold out. Fuck it – I’ll run my own 5K TODAY!!

Quickie Recap:

I run 8K daily – EVERYDAY … and usually I run two 4Ks wanting a great 4K PR time – and as I’ve mentioned before it’s a circular route, and the halfway point is the perfect spot to stop my RunKeeper app. At times, I run the 8K without breaking it into two separate runs, and 10K occasionally – even 12K too, bottom line, I travel well past 5 kilometers every single day, but I’ve never hit start/stop for the 5K distance?!?! I know, weird eh, lol?! Now, I knew (roughly) what I was capable of by looking at my strong 8K runs, and of course, at all of those fast 4k times I’ve put down. I figured I could go sub 18 minutes for the four, tack on another four and a half minutes for the fifth kilometer, and I’d be sitting chilly on a quick 22:30 5K – and I’d def be chuffed as fuck with that!

Today’s Run:

Started like I always try to – like a bat outta hell … and as typical, I began questioning how well/fast I was traveling/feeling, lol! After my 15 minute audio cue, I knew I was flying … after 20 minutes, I was at 4.53 kilometers … HOLY CUBAN CIGAR SMOKES BATMAN – 470 meters more, and I hit STOP on my app … twentytwominutes&twoseconds … I couldn’t fucking believe it … I STILL can’t believe it – 22:02!! Not only did I exceed expectations, I blew them away by a huge margin! And knowing myself, and especially not wanting to disappoint myself … I don’t know if I can ever run a 5K again, lol!

Yup, I did it:


Fast Splits:


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52 days – 427 kilometers!

… didn’t know what to title this post. Had a whole bunch of thoughts, things to say, figured it was as good a blogpost title as any. Today I tallied my RunKeeper numbers and this is what I’ve accomplished since I started running (took up running, to be precise) May 14th … and I ran for 25 consecutive days – 202 kilometers. I’ve only missed two days since I began. Unbelievable! Currently, I’m on a 20 day streak … riding it out as long, as far as I can.

… today was another good Saturday run, was running crazy fast from the get-go … 1.13K after 5 minutes, 2.3K after ten minutes … but at my fifteen minute cue, slipped a bit (1.08K), and I felt a 4K PR was gonna be too close for comfort, think I started panicking/tightening up … so I bailed, and clicked “stop” … a mere minute and a half away from my marker (douce-bag personified … I know) … and in 52 days of running, I’ve NEVER quit running hard to my halfway point. I was proud of that. That’s what I love about my circuit. Every step towards my 4K mark takes me further and further from home … and after those 18-19 minutes have elapsed … every step conversely leads me home. I run hard without any back-up plan, no one’s saving my sorry-old-ass … after hitting my halfway point, I know I gotta run home!

… I was on pace to equal my 17:45 PR


… a 4:19K split – my FASTEST ever


… days before my May 14th life changing day, I was getting into a groove, was waking up early, driving to my local high-school, and running laps ’round their track. Thing is, I was running in regular shoes, walking shoes … bullshit shoes, lol … what a joke I was. That’s when we went running shoe shopping. I had no idea of the brand variety, or of the assortment available … it was mind-blogging looking at that huge wall of shoes. Plus, this sports store was offering “buy one pair, get an equally or lesser priced pair for half price” on this weekend, so as you can imagine, the place was rammed. It was all I could to to commandeer a sales associate for assistance. I tried on a few pairs … keep in mind, I’m a novice, not really knowing what to look for. I do know fit and comfort are important, also I wanted a light shoe … but I wasn’t quite there yet in my selection process. After a few pairs, I was walking around (bouncing happily, lol) in my Saucony Virratas … I couldn’t believe the snugness, the way they felt … it was incredible. Oh, also the store’s busyness worked in my favour … it gave me time to do last minute reviews on my phone before purchasing … I had no idea what minimalist – zero drop shoes where, lol?! Also, I was becoming increasingly exhausted with the whole process – continually trying to get my sales associate’s attention (since he was dealing with many customers at once), then having him going to the stock-room and bringing out different shoes for me to try. I was just SO incredibly happy with the Sauconys, I just told him to give me two of the same … why bother looking for a different brand for variety’s sake I figured, I loved them! I was done! Side-note: Making this deal even better, two weeks later, went back for a price adjustment – which they weren’t obligated to honour, but for me they did, lol … lowering the price again – it’s sick what they cost. Recently am reading runner’s blogs … where I see buying/trying different brands/shoes appears the thing to do. Perhaps. Maybe I’m not there yet, it’s NEVER crossed my mind for that matter. As I’ve said, I couldn’t be more happier. I’ve always been blessed with good feet … nay, beautiful feet! Good circulation – no callouses, no bunions, no ingrown toenails, no problems whatsoever … if there’s an equivalent to having priest’s hands … it applies to my feet, lol! After 52 days – 427 kilometers of pavement pounding, and close examination of said soft tootsies (not even a single blister) … can proudly/thankfully say, it’s as if I’ve haven’t started running at all, haven’t ran a single day, a single kilometer … let alone four-twenty-seven-emm-effing-kay!!

LOVE LOVE these – hardly look used


… second (brand new) pair, still in the box


… remaining thoughts: Can’t help but notice, I’ll be awfully close to having run a total of 500 kilometers by July 14!! My first two months running span. Yep, chuffed!!

… future goals: Achieving PRs – 4K, 8K, 10K, is obviously always there. But, after today’s PR pace per kilometer achievement – 4:19 … I know a 4 minute kilometer is in my sights. Also, I wanna achieve a distance PR for 20 minutes … on a perfect day, 4.6K is mine for the taking (I’m realistic, at the moment, I know a 20 minute, 5K is still a dream). I want that! I know I’ll want that 20 minute 5K too … one day eventually I’ll get it … one day!!

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doin’ my 10K tango!!

… ain’t shittin’ y’all, was literally dancing home those few stranded blocks when I hit “stop” after completing my 10K run!

Despite what you see, and what you may think, this IS NOT becoming a runner’s blog. It’s just that I’m in awe of what I’ve accomplished in such a short time, and am proud of my progress. Funny, after yesterday’s milestone run thought to myself since I have a great time (it’s a beautiful circuitous route starting and ending at my house – exactly 8K) under my belt, maybe next time when I’m feeling strong, will continue running and try for a 50 minute 10K. Today only three kilometers in, I was already thinking that … and thankfully because of my run yesterday, I mapped out in my mind, in my neighbourhood – to tack on those extra two kilometers. After 35 minutes (that’s another thing – I LOVE Runkeeper’s audio cues … cutting into my music, w/ time, distance, pace … keeping me updated throughout it all), I could have easily pushed hard and finished under 39 minutes eclipsing my previous best (yesterday, lol) for 8K, but I knew I had my sights on setting a solid 10K time … and I did it!! Not only was it it sub 50 minutes, it was 49 minutes (ok, 49:02) … my first ever 10K, my first EVER recorded/legitimate 10K too!!

Also, I want y’all to know I’m the antithesis of a runner (… no shit eh? What else would ya expect eh?)!! No cool gear, no tight shorts, no lululemon … I’m strictly old-school, tattered T and short shorts, lol … I run to rub it into the face of the running establishment, lol!! Check out my dress socks (I LOVE them, cotton, very thin – plus black on black w/ my Saucony Virratas fucking kills – least for my skinny motherfucking avante-garde tastes ass anyways, lol). Ok ok, I’ll tone down the daily updates … or, on second thought, maybe I won’t … is MY blog after all …

new record …


5:01 was my slowest split, SWEET


rockin’ the business man/runner look, lol …


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I’ve become so numb I can’t feel you there

I’m tired of being what you want me to be
Feeling so faithless lost under the surface
Don’t know what you’re expecting of me
Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes

I’m becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you

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Maybe I shouldn’t!!

… ah what the fuck, think I will!! Discretion ain’t thine name danistrulytheman!! Sorry guys, I try to be the friendly blogger, playing nice nice with y’all … but to blatantly bypass achievements, while YET crowing ’bout starting/trying to achieve, and expecting pat pats on yer back feedback … suffice it to say, that shit don’t sit well with me … and forgive my sour grapes and the sour taste left in my mouth while I politely forego diplomacy  … just wanna give everyone a reminder … I’m in the 700/3 club motherfuckers!! OK, maybe not so politely!! 😉


3 years – 700 posts!!

Got this party started Sept. 17/09 … and 700 posts later, I’m still here!! 3motherfuckingand7fuckinghundred … WOW … quite an achievement if I do boastingly say so myself … and since it’s MY blog … I DO!! No time left now for shame, horizon behind me, no more pain … and was a lot of time passing and hard efforts that got me here, methinks I have a chest-thumping, slapping myself on the back right despite likely lazy-assed naysaying from a petty jealous unaccomplished lot – you can do better, then do better – don’t be raggin’ ‘n rainin’ on my parade!! 2-3 weeks ago realized my three year anniversary was nearing, AND was approaching 700 posts … instinctively syncing-the-deuce … plotting plus planning offing 2 milestone birds with 1 brick began – and with mind doing double-time duty, and fingers pounding the keyboard was able to get there. Love scrolling down my homepage and spying my archive column (thing’s a motherfucking mile long – puts a grin on my puss,lol)!! Don’t know what the future holds in danistrulythemanland … don’t care – right now I’m soaking this all in, just wanna savour today’s flavour!! Snapped this shot last week-end, my pics mean a lot to me, this one more – with my front facing iPhone camera too, something I NEVER EVER do, strange eh?! S’ok folks, sure y’all know by now – strange suits me motherfucking fine!!