I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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gone crabbing! crab gone!

best zodiac sign (ever, lol) is leaving us again till next year. and, much much too soon – went by so fucking fast! on a positive note; least we have 10 more days of July left. wanna give a big shout-out to all you cancer babies out there. personally know SO SO many, and always think of you all come summer. also, BIG shout-out to everyone who sent b’day wishes my way… thanks! peace&love!

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does an angel contemplate my fate

so when i’m lying in my bed
thoughts running through my head
and i feel that love is dead
i’m loving angels instead

and through it all she offers me protection
a lot of love and affection
whether i’m right or wrong
and down the waterfall
wherever it may take me
i know that life won’t break me
when I come to call she won’t forsake me
i’m loving angels instead

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you can count on me ’cause I will carry you till you carry on

anytime you need someone
somebody strong to lean on
well you can count on me to hold you till that healing is done
and every time you fall apart
you can hide here in my arms
and you can count on me to hold you till that feeling is gone

because you know that life ain’t over yet
I’m here for you so don’t forget
you can count on me
’cause I will carry you till you carry on


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I have sold my soul to you

man tells me so, that ain’t the way, gonna make a deal with you child

gonna live another day, just sign right here son, everything will be all right

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I don’t wanna be full of hate for anybody but it’s too late

it’s the reason for my pain in a season to celebrate
well I can’t love you anymore I’m scared of the sound of it
and woman I just wanted more it’s the reason why I’m here

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we’re playing those mind games together pushing the barriers planting seeds

love is the answer and you know that for sure
love is a flower you gotta let it you gotta let it grow

yes is the answer and you know that for sure
yes is surrender you gotta let it you gotta let it go

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but of all these friends and lovers there is no one compares with you

though I know I’ll never lose affection
for people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
in my life I love you more

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early morning sunshine tell me all I need to know

good old Sunday morning, bells are ringing everywhere

you’re my blue sky, you’re my sunny day
Lord, you know it makes me high when you turn your love my way
turn your love my way, yeah

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don’t you ever go away, it will be always this way

hear me calling out your name, I feel no shame

I’ll never go, gonna wait and see, can’t be wrong

I’m your man, you’re my girl

don’t you know this is where you belong
stay right here, never fear

sweet love, so sweet, so sweet, so sweet

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don’t you know how sweet and wonderful life can be?

you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout come on baby

we’re all sensitive people
with so much to give, understand me sugar

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Spinach and Cheese Frittata!!

OK, it was gonna be this (and sorry I forgot the name of this cheese. I do know it’s a hard cheese from Italy, and it’s very hard to source), but I had fresh tomatoes, and decided to throw in hot peppers to add some zip … but doesn’t Spinach and Cheese Frittata just SOUND better, lol? A few pics, enjoy!

love the layer of tomatoes …


slides off easily, from pan to plate


a couple wedges … love the spinach …


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Special Chimay!!

Chimay Spéciale Cent Cinquante … it’s a limited edition Chimay, commemorating their 150th anniversary …. and it’s VERY hard to come by … my LCBO app has been working overtime checking for availability/locations. Picked up a couple of bottles the day it was released to the public (a mere 60 bottles for all of Ontario) … have a HUGE Chimay crush of late, if ya hadn’t noticed, lol!!



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listen to the wind blow watch the sun rise

run in the shadows damn your love damn your lies
and if you don’t love me now you will never love me again
I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain

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You ever heard the story of Mr. Faded Glory?

Say he who rides a pony must someday fall
Talkin’ to my alter say life is what you make it
And if you make it death well rest your soul away

Dreams like this must die
And a dream like this must die
Dream like this must …

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my angels, my devils, my thorn in my pride

wake me when the day breaks
show me how the sun shines
tell me about your heartaches
who could be so unkind?
do you dream to touch me?
smile down deep inside
or could you just kill me?
hey, it’s hard to make up your mind sometimes

my angels, my devils, my thorn in my pride
my angels, my devils, my thorn in my pride

are you wanting inspiration?
you spill your secrets on me
then you tell me with a whisper
of things that will never be
do you hear me breathing?
does it make you want to scream?
did you ever like a bad dream?
sometimes life is obscene

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why can’t forever be forever and nothin’ more?

who’s the one that makes you happy?
or maybe, who’s the one always on your mind?
and who is the reason you’re livin’ for?
who’s the reason for your smile?

everyone needs somebody
and you know, everybody needs someone
well, and yes it’s true
everybody needs a special kind of love
and you’re the only one I’m thinkin’ of
you mean the world to me
you are my only!

it’s not what you got, it’s what you give
it ain’t the life you choose, it’s the life you live