I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


3 years – 700 posts!!

Got this party started Sept. 17/09 … and 700 posts later, I’m still here!! 3motherfuckingand7fuckinghundred … WOW … quite an achievement if I do boastingly say so myself … and since it’s MY blog … I DO!! No time left now for shame, horizon behind me, no more pain … and was a lot of time passing and hard efforts that got me here, methinks I have a chest-thumping, slapping myself on the back right despite likely lazy-assed naysaying from a petty jealous unaccomplished lot – you can do better, then do better – don’t be raggin’ ‘n rainin’ on my parade!! 2-3 weeks ago realized my three year anniversary was nearing, AND was approaching 700 posts … instinctively syncing-the-deuce … plotting plus planning offing 2 milestone birds with 1 brick began – and with mind doing double-time duty, and fingers pounding the keyboard was able to get there. Love scrolling down my homepage and spying my archive column (thing’s a motherfucking mile long – puts a grin on my puss,lol)!! Don’t know what the future holds in danistrulythemanland … don’t care – right now I’m soaking this all in, just wanna savour today’s flavour!! Snapped this shot last week-end, my pics mean a lot to me, this one more – with my front facing iPhone camera too, something I NEVER EVER do, strange eh?! S’ok folks, sure y’all know by now – strange suits me motherfucking fine!!