I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


… and so, I veered left!

my 4K run ends at a major intersection. 150 meters before that is a traffic light. a traffic light which 90%+ of the time shows me green as I approach, allowing me to run through, to run hard straight to the finish. not today. plan B; I have a secondary route if this occurs while I’m killing it. nearing, and I all I see is RED (damn you all to hell timed traffic lights, lol)! at the last possible second … I veer left … to continue making up the necessary distance without stopping. this sharp turn alone costs me a couple of seconds, but due to ongoing construction in the area, not permitting traffic, pedestrian traffic as well as I painfully found out to continue, I unknowingly ran myself into dead-end … AND, as close to a 4K without being a 4K. but luckily, I saw stairs that weren’t part of this blockade, and were left accessible for pedestrians. stairs that ultimately I ran up to finish my final few meters. I know this musta cost me at least 10 seconds on my final lap … as well as a a lot of ‘can you believe that shit’? laughter afterwards, as I admired my run on my Garmin, lol!

Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 4.58.31 PM

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Early Friday Morning 8K!

Chilly morning run! Will be honest, before I even started, was planning to run a 47 minute 10K (was on pace too), but missed that last traffic light … well, you know how it is. Still, am pleased with my 37:17 8K … and today was the coldest temps I’ve endured, minus 4° with the windchill. I bundled up (probably more than necessary), and hit the pavement. Something so calm and peaceful running alone in the early morning!

toss out my fastest/slowest, and only a 4 second split separation …


yep, it’s getting colder …


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crisscrossed lines!

… if that ain’t life’s ultimate metaphor, I don’t know what is. Beautiful iPhone pic taken while stopped at a traffic light on a bleak autumn November day! You can see the sun willing itself to peek through the heavy cloud cover, silhouetting the plane, as it passes preparing to land. Hmmm, can this shot win some sorta iPhone pic snappin’ award, lol?!