I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Crazy Cold!!

Minus 35 w/ windchill! It’s been like this for too many days! On top of it, I’m stuck sitting and waiting someplace I don’t wanna be. To make matters more depressing, RunKeeper hasn’t had a workout since December 7. And as I’m forced to be here (God is still trying to test/help me with my lack of patience. It isn’t working!), my mind wanders to the end of last year … honestly, I only wanted a coupla generic ibuprofen!


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Early Friday Morning 8K!

Chilly morning run! Will be honest, before I even started, was planning to run a 47 minute 10K (was on pace too), but missed that last traffic light … well, you know how it is. Still, am pleased with my 37:17 8K … and today was the coldest temps I’ve endured, minus 4° with the windchill. I bundled up (probably more than necessary), and hit the pavement. Something so calm and peaceful running alone in the early morning!

toss out my fastest/slowest, and only a 4 second split separation …


yep, it’s getting colder …


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11 days in a row

… 88 kilometers!! This morning was VERY cold – minus three w/ windchill … tuque and gloves were mandatory. While it wasn’t my fastest time, something about today’s run made it the best so far (RunKeeper even gave me two new records – distance & calories burned, lol), I was well within myself despite the frigid/windy conditions, I did quicken my pace and my final 3K were strong. Also, I’ve noticed that forcing myself to run every day, has pushed me past the point of where my body constantly feels beaten to shit … no more lingering soreness, tight muscles … no more strained hammies, pulled groin … quads are pain free too. I know eventually, I’ll need a break, I’ll hit the wall … just might not tell y’all though, lol!