I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


what do you see when you look in the mirror?

well, the CN Tower… as you’ve never seen her before of course!

snapped this yesterday morning using the the Delta Toronto Hotel as my mirror!

perfect timing too, was back again at 2 o’clock today, w/ the sun shining big and bright!

… in the exact same spot on Bremner Boulevard!

but this time… bupkis!

… i LOVE LOVE livin’ life in the6!


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one hour run and gun!

I did this once before. Never attempted it again because it was too close to my 12K runs. Figured, if I wanna set a PR, it’d be for that distance. But, knowing I ain’t setting any PRs these days, got into a comfortable cruise control rhythm after 4K (actually sped up for the next 4K), and kept running. Now was about duration – 20+ minutes to go. Final 4K ended as I began. Was a great run! Oh, btw … my other timed hour run – I covered 12.52K. Yep, I bettered it, another PR, lol?!

My fave. The paved path! A man & his best friend … ain’t nuthin’ better!!


Even Steven splits! Again!


12.6K – 1000 cals gonzo! Woohoo!


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lookie my new Lowe’s credit card!!

… arrived in the mail today! Been spending up a storm with my temporary card, buying a shitload of shit, scoring great deals along the way, AND getting 10% off (or more) all purchases. Have I told y’all (recently, lol) how much I LOVE Lowe’s … looks like they love me back too … card says, Preferred Customer … 😉


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roof rack & rope!

… who’d have thunk it? Problem solved. Money saved. Was no way I was doling out delivery fee dinero for a bathtub. I’m already getting soaked enough as it is – trust me!

… oh, and that Lowe’s sign in the background, while purely unintentional, is truly fitting … I LOVE Lowe’s!


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crisscrossed lines!

… if that ain’t life’s ultimate metaphor, I don’t know what is. Beautiful iPhone pic taken while stopped at a traffic light on a bleak autumn November day! You can see the sun willing itself to peek through the heavy cloud cover, silhouetting the plane, as it passes preparing to land. Hmmm, can this shot win some sorta iPhone pic snappin’ award, lol?!