I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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“that is an awesome email btw” – angela

… she blurted it out – interrupting our business discussions… I love that shit, lol!! I stopped her at that moment… to grab a pen and write it down verbatim in case I forgot! Angela, you were such a lovely person/shining star when we first spoke over a week ago, I was thrilled when you answered the phone tonight! I recognized your name/voice immediately, and was happy you remembered me as well.

Weighed my financial options, I cut the cord… been w/you since ’92 too! But, these dealings of late, was the final straw! Even gave y’all a tongue lashing a few days back, warning I’d be bailing… and, now… I did! Told ya so mofos!! Bottom line, my wallet is $389 fatter for my diligence & persistence!

F U Johnny… looks like cocksuckers are all yours now Tiff… good luck!!

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“Y as in Yonkey” – Raja

Holy fuck!! You’re a motherfucking yonkey Raja!! Even after correcting yourself w/ “y as in yellow”… I wouldn’t let it go. Kept chastising him, telling him it ain’t a word, and never to do it again, lol!!

Update/addendum: was blog posting while on hold, Raja transferred me to the credit department… they happily credited my account $55.31!! SWEET!!

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“this is fucking killing me” – danistrulytheman

I DON’T have proper pieces to do a proper job, so I ain’t doin’ it till I get ’em. Tired of shit being piled high on me too, it never ends … AND, here I thought I was done with this?! FUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!

… all that shit is stupid anyways … I mean, all these years and I never noticed, lol!

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… FINALLY!! Paint painted, powder room pedestal sink sunk (try saying that fast five times peter piper, lol) – Tiff K’s gorgeous choice … girl’s got a beauty-colour eye! Hey, in my defense, woulda been done way sooner had I not devoted myself to a more important, time-consuming reno job I was helping out with. Sacrifice is important – don’t forget it … and ya can even quote me, lol!


… what? another 4:20 post? I swear, it’s not on purpose y’all, lol!

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“Unlike you, I don’t write things to get a desired effect.” – dash ess

“I’m angry …”

“I was so pissed off …”

“I wasn’t impressed …”

“… and I hate it.”


hate, anger, pissed off  … eagerly awaking to dish this shit out? WHYYYYY?!?!

You DO write things to get a desired effect, dash ess!! And, boy – you sure did!!!!

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Nov. 9, 1999! I’ll never forget it! My sweet little Lily came into my life! Sadly, she left it too soon. It was then I realized … Lily’s the only hope/reason I have for heaven’s existence … and I ain’t fucking joking! As I said before, if it does exist, and when my time comes … I’ll be barreling through, pushing ALL family members aside who went before, wanting to greet me, looking for her, wanting to snatch her in my arms letting her plant those doxie-lapping-kisses all over my mug like she always did! Speaking of heaven – afterlife … November 9th is also the day one of greatest geniuses of this place we call EARTH was born … Carl Sagan! And I leave you (along with a pic of my Lily) with one of his many great quotes, and this one in particular, pertaining to heaven/afterlife!

“It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring” – Carl Sagan