I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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ta ta teeter!

… so long roger! knew my first ad asking for a yard was too much. reposted yesterday, and today settled for half a yard! better than a kick in the arse, especially knowing no one wants these fecking things!

… shite! wish i snapped a pic of it stuffed into dude’s pontiac aveo, lol!


… oh, and other awesomeness news; today boss says, tomorrow is pizza friday!!

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Sue, you are a lion!

… a lioness!! honest to fuck, why is it that some people get shit done where others fail? and, why is it that i always have horseshoes up my fecking ass? i swear, this whole ordeal was drawn out for at least 2 months w/incompetent Carol at the helm. Sue ended it today in a 15 minute conversation! funny; again w/the horseshoes… my phone rang just as i pulled off a major road into an industrial area allowing me to park and answer – another fortuitous bounce in dansfavour. i can’t explain any of it, shit is so surreal! explaining to Sue that i simply wanted a resolution, and leading her w/the proverbial carrot… she threw $250 at me… for my inconvenience (maybe, i’m a masterful puppeteer?!?!)! i happily accepted… looks like CIBC and i are back to being friends again!

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My favourite month by far… blogged about it 3 years ago – July – that year was a particularly good one! Same goes for this year, July 2015 (hell they’ve all been great – ain’t judging Julys, lol)! It’s been 2 long months since my bank account sniffed a deposit, while busily pissing withdrawals. Tomorrow… the buck stops here! Begins w/a bang (fireworks?)… OhCanadaDay, followed by the 2nd, 3rd, 10th, and 16th!! That’s five fecking direct deposit paydays in half a month?! Not to mention another cool day tossed into the mix, making it an even half-dozen great days to kick off the month of all months! Lots more great/personal stuff from a lifetime ago… I still remember, and reflect! C’mon, admit it… y’all LOVE July!!

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lost a bank account – no foolsie!!

happy april one danistrulytheman! was already pissed at my bank regarding a completely unrelated concern – didn’t help when today i finally received a phone call regarding it only to be told … we’re looking into the matter! geez, thanks! for nothing! a-holes! so back to my lost account; i have this american plan – for free too mind you, but logging into my bank app this morning, see this hideous monthly service charge? started googling shit, and see that my bank made changes regarding this account effective march 31?! yesterday! wow! what a fine yankee doodle dandy! a quick call, tell the rep i wasn’t aware of these changes and i’m reimbursed their blood-sucking fee. then, have her proceed to empty the account (transfer funds). then am put on hold to be transferred to another department, which quickly assists me in closing the account! done, and done!



That’s it … thirteen measly dollars!! After leaving the house this morning I pulled into the gas station and start pumping … a quick pat of my back pocket where I keep my wallet (it’s a reflex, constantly doing it, lol) with my free hand, and feeling nothing (I immediately panic … another reflex, lol) … I check my front pocket where I keep my money … and nothing again. I FORGOT my wallet, and my money roll at home. I stop filling my tank and hang up the nozzle knowing I’ve got enough petrol for the day and that I have enough loose change to cover the amount owing. After paying, I snap this pic … for the time being this is what I’m worth … $13 …

And after this, with home not even 5 minutes away, and I’m not late or anything … seems easy enough to drive back and get my wad and wallet. Right? Not a fucking chance!! See the way I figured it … with my shit luck of late … having no money, credit cards, debit cards, not even my driver’s licence for a day would probably do me some good in a strange danistrulytheman convoluted course of action kinda way, and turn my fortunes around … at least that’s my thinking, albeit wishful thinking perhaps. But in the mean time, how much Creemore does thirteen dollars get you these days, lol? 😉