I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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1 Day: 2 Good Runs!

My 4K run was only 13 seconds off my PR. My splits were consistent – strong and steady. And, I wasn’t done yet … I also duplicated yesterday’s mile run to the second. Well, it was, until RunKeeper decided to tack on an extra second while making its final adjustment. Oh well, lol!

Fast 4K


Speedy Splits


This PR won’t last long


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No Tiffany for Tiff!!

Shopping, no shit!! Sorry Tiff, no Tiffany today … was content on leaving empty-handed, but had to try on some pants, and when the price-tag on the Varvatos trousers burned a whole in my eyes – but not in my wallet ($400 – God they were gorgeous) … I was happy to find my beloved 527’s on sale for $35 (reduced from $88) and I snagged this cool Fossil belt too feeling all good and proud of myself, lol!!

in the fitting room (stop staring at my crotch, lol)