I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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long run!

Longest one to date – 14K … and just 3 weeks into training. Been reading lots, getting advice from runners wiser than me, and today took to heart slowing down, running farther! I even felt as if I wasn’t slowing down enough – next time I’ll try reigning myself in even more. I must say, I’ve never had such a GREAT GREAT run in a long time! I stumbled upon a path I wasn’t aware of, and being all alone, felt so quiet and peaceful, the sun shining in my face … I kept thinking, “I hope this path goes on forever, I ain’t getting off” … I swear, I woulda ran forever! It felt THAT good, I felt THAT good! I think it ended after 1 kilometer, so back to the sidewalks I went. I knew I’d be stopping as I neared my house, so NOW, I picked up my pace in anticipation … and for those few kilometers, running once again became running for time, and it became harder! So weird, it’s not even that much pace difference, but boy, do you feel it – sure makes a difference! And now, can’t help but think, today I ran 1/3 marathon … so invariably I extrapolate multiplying my time by three – plus tacking on 1 minute for the extra 200 meters, and I kinda like what I see. And I think, there’s still so much room (ok, a LITTLE room, lol) for improvement. I know marathons aren’t run on paper, they’re run on the streets … but, it sure is nice to think!

Screen shot 2014-04-20 at 3.06.17 PM

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4/18 – 4K/18min

Chuffed! First eighteen minute 4K of the season, and occurring today … the eighteenth day of the fourth month! Eery weird y’all – my spooky run!

Check out all new stats courtesy Garmin!

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 1.01.56 PM

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my 10K!

WOW! I amazed myself! It’s only been 2 weeks of training, and today I ran my longest distance. And, I’m very pleased with my time; sub 48 minutes! I’ll be honest, when I resumed training after the winter layoff, I was discouraged during my first week back. I think (I know) I expected to jump right back in the saddle and continue where I left off. Today was definitely a step in that direction. The weather was near perfect – so happy to finally have Spring like temps. Oh … and, I wanted to run 10K acknowledging tomorrow’s Toronto Yonge Street 10K  … my 10k y’all!



marathoning introspection!

Last year I became a full-fledged runner! And I did it my way – hardcore (btw, everything I do is hardcore). Hit the pavement early morning everyday, days on end without skipping a day, as well … and everytime, made DAMN sure I left it all there … on the pavement. Like a bat outta hell – that was me, my running style! I didn’t subscribe to conventional runners’ wisdom/mentality … truth be told, I looked at some shit I read w/ disdain! I ran like a fricken maniac, not following rules, just doing what felt right – those were MY rules! Which brings me to this post – since the day I entered my 1st marathon, I’ve lost all that?! I lost focus! I got caught up in the hoopla of it all, meanwhile creating unnecessary stress. All I’ve been thinking ’bout is the marathon. It’s consumed me. No more. I know I have to approach training (for the time being) as I did last year. Run for fun … run for fun, folks!   I have MONTHS to enjoy myself before I should even begin to delve into anything to do w/ specific marathon training. It’s still 7 months away for chrissakes … do I REALLY need to read/absorb all info on the internet re: tapering before the race, lol?! Nope. Not yet … lemme enjoy the spring/early summer w/ fun-runs! Peace y’all!

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… and so it begins!

Exactly what I wanted/expected! I almost stopped a million times, but I didn’t … I pushed. I wanted my 8K, I got my 8K. Considering it’s my 1st run of the season, and that I’m about 8 pounds away from optimum running weight, AND, that it’s still mucky, so much debris from the ice-storm littering the sidewalks – felt more like a mud run than anything, lol … I’m very pleased! Yep, right where I wanna be …


… now off to watch the game … GO Spartans

Memphis v Michigan State


there’s no crying in marathons!

OMG, I just realized something! As you all are aware, I signed up for my 1st marathon, the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (October 19). Unfortunately, I’ve been housebound w/ training … building a cardio foundation best I can. I tried hitting the roads about a month back, but winter wouldn’t let go its nasty grip. Now the plan is to FINALLY start/resume full-on training tomorrow (stay tuned) – YEAY!! Looking at the weather forecast, looks like were in for double digit temps for at least a week. Ok, back to my realization!! I see from my Running Records that I PR’ed a 12K on October 20th of last year. Took me a second putting 2+2 together … but that was the day LAST year’s marathon was run … and now I recall it completely; I purposely went for a dedication run of sorts that morning, acknowledging all the competitors. I also remember it because afterwards, I spent the entire day working doing demolition/construction/renovations! Even though it was a record run (I don’t run 12K often), I did it running well within myself! And, seeing that time/run … AND now focusing and visualizing for what lies ahead, all I can think is; if I could repeat that effort (3 1/2 times over) on October 19th, I’d be chuffed as fuck! AND, I know my title has absolutely nothing to w/ any of this … it just came to me. All the hard work anyone who attempts a marathon must endure isn’t lost on me in the slightest … and I thought it was appropriate knowing I’m in for a world of hurt …

… for old time’s sake y’all!


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7K Day!!

Ain’t my distance, I was running into a headwind, plus, I’m really not in running shape – ‘nstead of running daily as I did, now get out every 3rd day if I’m lucky (although you’d never know by my pace), so I stopped 1 kilometer short. Glad I did too, it was a relaxing cool down walk home on a beautiful, gorgeous fall day. I was overdressed too – really shoulda only worn a tee and shorts, was overheating after 4-5 minutes. Lesson learned!

path near home. this is where I begin zoning-in


awestruck w/ fast time despite lack of serious training …