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Tom Ford

Reading a fellow WP blogger’s site, Tom Ford was mentioned. I’m sure I know about the same about him as most people, he’s a famous fashion designer, and I also know many male celebs love wearing (or, at the very least love boasting Tom Ford when asked by the fashion mavens, who are you wearing? at all the Hollywood glam events). In any event, what I read made me more curious, and began searching/shopping Tom Ford … the very first item I came across was this …



… and here’s the link w/ pertinent ($$$$$) details! Tom Ford $$$$$

Awesome oyster, lol! Unfortunately for the real world life of most, tis … a mortgage downpayment, a sub-compact car, credit card bills paid, house renovations project completed, tidy college fund sum put away, a few incredible vacations, rainy day money when it pours, that some A-Hole w/ serious (silly?) coin slapped onto his fucking feet!!

Oh my, life is grand … life is gluttonous!!

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No Tiffany for Tiff!!

Shopping, no shit!! Sorry Tiff, no Tiffany today … was content on leaving empty-handed, but had to try on some pants, and when the price-tag on the Varvatos trousers burned a whole in my eyes – but not in my wallet ($400 – God they were gorgeous) … I was happy to find my beloved 527’s on sale for $35 (reduced from $88) and I snagged this cool Fossil belt too feeling all good and proud of myself, lol!!

in the fitting room (stop staring at my crotch, lol)