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Holy Hakka Hell!!

… Batman!! this place is truly #1 as advertised… look at all that crispy Guyanese chicken w/fried rice (shrimp)… and, the best part… all in, nine bucks nine bucks nine bucks!!

… is actually a dual blog post! on an unrelated side-note, today realized my two bitches [ok, ok, before ya throw a hissy fit… girls [best clarify otherwise one would flip her old-age (young-age, lol)… sickly too, lol] lid, lol… have arguably the two best birthdates of all 365 possible birthdates, AND both happen to fall in February!! please don’t make me tell ya, figure it out for yourselves… numbskulls!!

… oh yeah, my stuffed full of crispy chicken/shrimp fried rice $9 dinner!!


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Charles in charge!!

Went to my fave Hakka joint today, ordered lunch to go (as you can see from the styro container), but as I was leaving, Charles the owner corralled me and insisted I sit and dine in the restaurant … so I did. He, his family … all his employees (many, long time employees) are all of Chinese descent, but born in India (on a side note; funny to hear him speak English fluently … with a British accent, lol) … hence the hot/spicy influence … think of it (Indian Hakka cuisine) as Chinese food kicked up a notch. He also tones it done if you want, today I did … told him to surprise me. In nothing flat tossed this together in his smoking hot wok for me … chicken chow mein he said … yep, yum!!