I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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hot… like frying eggs on fecking sidewalk hot!

40º (w/humidex) in Maple Leaf right now!



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hot & humid hump day run!!

… felt like 32°, actually was that hot/muggy throughout the night, we didn’t get any relief. At that point breathing becomes increasing difficult, let alone running. But off I went, and you know at times when you start your run, you’re still unsure how you feel? Today was one of those days. I felt OK after 5 minutes, and pushed hard during the next 5 minutes … it was after my 10 minute distance cue, I knew I felt strong, and that I’d try hard for a fast 4K time. And I did well! My second fastest time ever, missed my PR by 13 seconds … a sub eighteen minute clocking … also, I achieved a PR for min/km pace – 4:16 … AND, each successive kilometer was faster … I quickened my pace from start to finish. All in all, a solid run, a positive run! Oh, plus my run home – my second 4K was no slouch either, was a good run as well!

17:58 – considering the conditions; quite pleased



fast, faster, even faster, fastest


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Charles in charge!!

Went to my fave Hakka joint today, ordered lunch to go (as you can see from the styro container), but as I was leaving, Charles the owner corralled me and insisted I sit and dine in the restaurant … so I did. He, his family … all his employees (many, long time employees) are all of Chinese descent, but born in India (on a side note; funny to hear him speak English fluently … with a British accent, lol) … hence the hot/spicy influence … think of it (Indian Hakka cuisine) as Chinese food kicked up a notch. He also tones it done if you want, today I did … told him to surprise me. In nothing flat tossed this together in his smoking hot wok for me … chicken chow mein he said … yep, yum!!