I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


marathoning introspection!

Last year I became a full-fledged runner! And I did it my way – hardcore (btw, everything I do is hardcore). Hit the pavement early morning everyday, days on end without skipping a day, as well … and everytime, made DAMN sure I left it all there … on the pavement. Like a bat outta hell – that was me, my running style! I didn’t subscribe to conventional runners’ wisdom/mentality … truth be told, I looked at some shit I read w/ disdain! I ran like a fricken maniac, not following rules, just doing what felt right – those were MY rules! Which brings me to this post – since the day I entered my 1st marathon, I’ve lost all that?! I lost focus! I got caught up in the hoopla of it all, meanwhile creating unnecessary stress. All I’ve been thinking ’bout is the marathon. It’s consumed me. No more. I know I have to approach training (for the time being) as I did last year. Run for fun … run for fun, folks!   I have MONTHS to enjoy myself before I should even begin to delve into anything to do w/ specific marathon training. It’s still 7 months away for chrissakes … do I REALLY need to read/absorb all info on the internet re: tapering before the race, lol?! Nope. Not yet … lemme enjoy the spring/early summer w/ fun-runs! Peace y’all!

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I’m an 8K a day guy!!

… every morning, everyday!! Ain’t easy at times, but I haven’t missed a single day since I began. Am posting a few RunKeeper pics … funny enough, my first two attempts were my best (maybe my body needs a break), and I did manage to squeak under 40 minutes on my second run, but the GPS shortchanged me on the distance, didn’t credit it for a full 8K. I did time myself once for half my circuit, and was under 20 minutes (while being a tad over 4K), putting me under the 5 minute per km barrier … but, as you can clearly see, I’m more of a 5:05/km runner. Ain’t the fastest fucker … but certainly ain’t no slowpoke either. I’ve NEVER been a runner, NEVER considered myself a runner, so now starting something so hardcore strenuous at my advanced age, AND, meanwhile achieving these times … well, let me say … am as proud as the proverbial motherfucking peacock!!