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it’s a start!

My first run since December 7 … says RunKeeper. Sitting, waiting for my noon consult appointment, figured I’d dust off my Saucony Virratas and give it a go. Beautiful, sunny day, I don’t mind the cold temp, and I knew roads were clear of ice, and traffic would be minimal, so off I went. Only two hundred meters in, my legs were so tight, I really didn’t think I’d be able to continue running, and I’m not joking when I say this … I never thought I’d be able to run … AGAIN. As in, I’ll never regain my form. But, I persevered and at my 5 minute audio cue was at 1.03 kilometers – a 4:48 km pace. Certainly not fast, but I’ll take it. And the only reason it dropped, was me having trouble, fiddling trying to get my phone out of my pocket to stop the activity. And, as I write/post this … my lungs are SCREAMING!!



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My Lungs Are Screaming!

Knew it was gonna be a rough run. Distance wasn’t an option. Really, only wanted to duplicate my previous one. I did. Travelled 2.35K in 10 minutes, plenty far, plenty fast for now. And again, jogging back was pleasant, very relaxed. Caught up to a couple of runners nearing home. Am I the only one still sporting summer gear?

Protein smoothie. Shower. Pop a pill. Appt. w/ Dr. Harry. Wish me luck y’all!