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Roasted green bean, cremini, & grape tomato salad!

LOVE roasting veggies, this one’s easy peasy … and healthy as hell to boot. First snip, then wash the beans (and tomatoes), wipe clean the creminis with a mushroom brush (or a damp paper towel), then slice in half … season it all liberally with sea salt and freshly ground pepper (oh, I also threw in a few cloves of smashed garlic for added flavour, which I later removed after roasting). Liberally splash with olive oil and toss till coated … evenly spread on a parchment lined baking sheet, and throw into a 450° oven, and half an hour later Bob’s yer uncle!! A coupla pics, enjoy!



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playing passenger, done with the driving

… passively too – maybe I was sedated, lol?! Truthfully – LOVED it!! Was nice (but strange for a change) not lifting a finger doing any work getting food on the table … ‘nstead giving the two runts full run – complete carte blanche of my kitchen … my domain. And I promise never to bring up the mess again, mentioning it for the last time (yeah, probably will , lol) you left for yours truly … and ain’t complainin’ (but it was REALLY REALLY messy, lol) … the meal was fantastic … and the break from the EXPECTED (just sayin’) dinner duties was greatly appreciated (and needed). You done good!! Should be a TV show ’bout you twos

butternut squash, double smoked bacon & roasted red pepper soup …

smoked herring fritter (a la crab cake), arugula & toasted squash seeds (& curry sauce) salad …

pan seared whitefish, quinoa & roasted veggies, white wine & lemon, dill & cilantro reduction …

AND the best part – dessert (no pic – sorry). Bread pudding with fresh blackberries & raspberries, drizzled with hot caramel & dollops of cool whipped cream. AND from start to finish – took 3 hours total 2 working as a team … kudos!!