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my soufflé foray

It fell … fell through that is. I chickened out. I had every intention to. I think the complexity regarding specific steps and procedures scared me shitless  … I didn’t want to screw it up, or worse turn it into a complete fucking disaster. I even went to this fantastic out of the way cheese shop in the west-end, hidden amongst houses and auto shops. I’ve been a regular shopper there for a few years now, but unless you know about it, you’d never find it, not in a million years. They sell this ricotta that is so fresh that when you buy it, it’s warm … sometimes very, very warm!! It’s so fresh the tub (container) is placed in a plastic bag to capture the leaching liquid from the ultra fresh ricotta. The bag already has half a cup, or so of liquid before you even purchase it. You almost want to slice a baguette and start spreading the rigot right there and then!! So now, instead of the soufflé, I decided to make my own version, something much simpler but with very similar results!! Geez, how smart am I? … Don’t answer that!! First I whipped the eggs with some of the ricotta to make it light and fluffy, and then added larger, teaspoon sized ricotta pieces into the mix along with finely chopped chives and carefully scramble it, being cautious not to overdo it … a common mistake people seem to make. It’s my easier version … call it the poorman’s soufflé … the non-snob soufflé!!