I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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That’s how old I am here. Taken in La Jolla. My first time to set foot in California. And don’t be fooled by the picture, this was in the dead of winter, either very late December, or early January. I can’t remember. Nobody else was wearing shorts, just us two, my buddy and I. The natives? Hell, they were all bundled up. Hey, 60ยบ is downright balmy for a dumb-fuck-Canuck!! We last minute decided to take a road trip, so we packed our shit, tossed it into my Gran Torino and drove that bitch all the way into Mexico(Ensenada).We detoured through Provo, Utah on the way down … my friend was Mormon and had friends going to university and was eager to visit them. What the fuck did I care? Part of the rules of road-tripping … no motherfucking rules!! No schedules, no worries … just go with the flow attitude. And I was lucky enough to buy this awesome Jim McMahon Cougars jersey that I’m seen sporting here because of it!! We lasted a full couple of weeks in total!! It was the times of our lives!!It was a motherfucking blast!!