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2 frozen turkeys?

Jsesus Christ!! I just realized that I have two birds in my freezer!! I bought the first one, it went on sale really cheap just before Thanksgiving, but I already had my Thanksgiving turkey so this became an extra one that I didn’t need, but I couldn’t resist the price. And then a month or so later, ButterballĀ® went on sale in so many supermarkets … different variations too!! Frozen, fresh, stuffed, without stuffing … I guess pretty much all their shit, they were running the full fucking gamut!! So, I bought the frozen one, but get this … you don’t have to thaw it before cooking!! It’s plain as day on the wrapping, to make sure you don’t fuck it up!! How’s this even possible? Cooking a turkey from a completely frozen state? I still don’t even really believe it and I can’t wait to try it, but this week-end I’ll be having my locally raised grain fed turkey. I even have so much stuff for the side dishes. Get it? Stuff? That’s right y’all I have the stuffing … plus the peaches and cream corn, plus the potatoes, plus the cranberry sauce. I’m pretty much good to go … just need those heat n’ serve dinner rolls and carrots(small ones, with their stalks)!! My favourite is the potatoes and carrots that I toss into the ingenuously flavoured and seasoned turkey basting fat and melted butter juices!! They get all roasted, sticky and caramelized … how fucking good does that sound?!!