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ice scraper!!

Lately parts of the U.S. have become overwhelmed with terrible winter weather. Weather, that perhaps residents aren’t accustomed to. Every day, in the morning, and in the evening as well, on the shows I watch … on my American broadcasts, I see people using a ten inch … maybe at best, a ruler sized implement/scraper struggling frantically to remove ice from their windshields!! This hardly provides the force needed to work effectively … not enough torque. Now, I realized these areas of the country normally aren’t hard hit in this type of weather … but still … don’t you want the best tool for the job? Even here, in Canada, we aren’t inundated continually with harsh winter conditions. And I still know to have the best scraper at my ready. I use a telescoping one with a brush for clearing snow that extends so I don’t have to. It also comes with a squeegee for my cleaning my windshield that ends up mucky and salty during the winter … something similar to this version. Now, that’s an ice scraper(said in my attempted Crocodile Dundee voice)!!