I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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healthy lifestylin’

Boy, so much is happening, trying many different things, so much I wanna say about it all, but I know my laziness won’t allow that, lol! First thing I will say is that when I woke-up, I had a lightbulb moment … since we went out and bought protein powder (more Tiff’s thing at the time than mine), and listening to her educate me on protein … decided I was gonna have a protein smoothie/shake BEFORE my run … prior to that, I woke up had a glass of water, a cup of joe and was out the door, on my way (I know, how fucking retarded, eh, lol?), and it musta worked, came home 8K later in a record 39 minutes … 39:00 EXACTLY … so I was happy about that, but not only that, spent lots of time learning more about protein powders (so much out there folks, it’ll make your head spin), and quickly joined the mindset of those who eschew powders (with ingredients you can’t pronounce), and instead prefer raw hemp seeds as an alternative … I LOVE that thought, all natural (organic too), and ONLY one ingredient, AND I know my Vitamix will pulverize the shit outta it when making smoothies – so excited for tomorrow’s run, lol … AND, Tiff  on her Harley-health-kick, had me buy edamame (dry roasted, for snacks) as well … like I said, trying new shit … lol, had to laugh as I was putting it into my basket, no fucking way she’s wasabi-ing it … them’s for me, LOL!!