I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Greek Dinner!!

Grilled chicken breast souvlaki w/ grilled sweet potatoes, onions & red peppers. Heirloom beefsteak tomato salad w/ English cucumber, Greek feta, freshly picked oregano and hand torn, generously drizzled w/ Acropolis Organic olive oil … w/ copious dollops of tzatziki!! Opa!!



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we have wheelbarrow!

A buddy of mine and his mail-order wife (‘sok y’all, he doesn’t read any of this, and no I ain’t making that shit up … she is) are downsizing from a suburbia spread, to a closer to the city high in the sky condo. He was more than happy to get rid of it, I was happier than hell to take it off his hands – win win! Tens bucks sealed the deal. When I brought her home, used my 1/2″ combo wrench to tighten all the nuts, and my newly acquired fireman’s nozzle to remove any crap/gunk, and just to give an overall clean appearance. She’s as good as new – whaddya think, eh?!


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Holy Freakin’ Mike & Moly!!

I can’t believe it!! A new PR … just 3 days after a PR, and I blew that one away by 23 seconds … 17:45 for 4K!!

Reminder: Email personal trainer – “You’re Fired!!”

What a way to kickstart the week! A happy Monday morning to me motherfuckers!! Happy Monday morning to y’all too! 😉

17 minutes, 45 seconds … woohoo!


only 3 seconds separate my fastest/slowest split!