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wascally wabbit

Saturday morning runs are fun. They’re relaxing. Last week as you may remember, I set a personal best for the halfway point – 4K, and today I set out attempting to see if I could come close to equalling it. I was running comfortably, and fairly quick. I was almost at my 2K marker running east, when I saw another runner heading north on the street I was approaching, the very intersection and direction I was would be heading … and it’s a straight 2K, and I was confident he’d continue on the same path for that reason. And more importantly … he appeared to be hauling ass! Great, I thought! I got me a rabbit!

Now, I come across many runners, but usually it’s in the opposite direction and we exchange pleasantries – runner’s etiquette … and sure, occasionally I’ll come up from behind someone … and just as quickly I’ll blow right by them. I rarely see runners who are fast. I knew this guy was one of those … he was young, in great shape … and like I said … he had plenty of pace! As, I turned the corner, he was about 80 meters in front … now keep in mind, I’m already running pretty much as hard as I can wanting a good 4K time … he became my added incentive … and also, keep in mind – he’s completely unaware I’m on his ass, and that I’m racing him! I have 2 kilometers to catch ‘n pass … and I really was confident that I would. My eyes are fixated! All I’m focusing on is him. I’m continually measuring the distance between us. As much as I tried, as hard as I ran, I was only able to shorten the distance by 30-40 meters … and time was running out. I knew I wouldn’t catch him, let alone pass him … and the whole time I was chasing him, I was in awe, and amazed at the smoothness and calmness of his running style, his stride … if I ever did approach his flank and surprise him … I felt he’d have buried me!

On a positive note, I was able to better last week’s time by a full ten seconds, a new PR … all was not lost. Thanks rabbit!



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Had as much fun chanting this from the comfort of my couch, as the lucky throngs in the Rogers Centre who watched the Jays extend their MLB leading win streak to nine … and they’re going for 10 wins in a row in a matter of hours … early Saturday matinee – gotta love baseball – Go Jays Go … KA-WA-SA-KI!!