I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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i know i ain’t doing much, doing nothing means a lot to me

living on a shoestring, a fifty cent millionaire
open to charity, rock ‘n’ roll welfare
sitting in my cadillac, listening to my radio
suzy baby get on in, tell me where she wanna go
i’m living in a nightmare, she’s looking like a wet dream
i got myself a cadillac, but i can’t afford the gasoline
i got holes in my shoes, and i’m way overdue
down payment blues

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Happy 4th Birthday danistrulytheman!!

happy blogging-birthday danistrulytheman!

Incredibe! Four years, 1146 posts! Quite an accomplishment … if I do say so myself, lol!

Thanks for all the love & support from y’all!!

Many more too come … how can I resist? It’s been nothin’ but a good time!

… I’m gonna ride on, ride on


crow on the down low

… keeping my boasting/bragging (albeit well deserved to a minimum) since I hardly heard a peep outta y’all first time ’round mentioning my accomplishments … one of my greatest blogposts ever BTW (should keep re-blogging the shit outta that one … it was THAT fucking good, lol). Seemed to have a bit more success three months later while keeping it short and simple when greatness struck once again. And now it’s my ninehunny … 3 1/2 years of danistrulytheman WordPressing it … March 17 – St. Paddy’s Day to be precise; as if I ever need a legitimate reason to lift a pint of Guinness, lol. Drop comments/likes if you want … if you don’t, then don’t … it don’t matter to me motherfuckers NEVER will I be Shot Down In Flames again … ain’t it a shame