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Booked, bitches! Booked!

Again! Can you believe that shit? Is my Emerald Isle trifecta too–3rd time’s a charm! Lucky charm! And, boy am I ever doing this one right! My accommodations are through the motherfucking roof best of the best! Google Dublin hotels (5 star hotels), do a bit of research as there are a few, read the reviews… then take an educated stab at it. Am guessing 40-45% of you nail it w/one guess! Thats’s how fookin good this gets, folks, and blokes!

I’ll be quaffing down smooth tasting Thanksgiving Guinnessluvin’ Dublin… while ya sucker Canuckleheads are chewing down dry turkey!

Speaking of nailing it, here’s an early morning pic of my recent trip to Dublin after I awoke. My straight outta bed coiffe! Hello, handsome!



crow on the down low

… keeping my boasting/bragging (albeit well deserved to a minimum) since I hardly heard a peep outta y’all first time ’round mentioning my accomplishments … one of my greatest blogposts ever BTW (should keep re-blogging the shit outta that one … it was THAT fucking good, lol). Seemed to have a bit more success three months later while keeping it short and simple when greatness struck once again. And now it’s my ninehunny … 3 1/2 years of danistrulytheman WordPressing it … March 17 – St. Paddy’s Day to be precise; as if I ever need a legitimate reason to lift a pint of Guinness, lol. Drop comments/likes if you want … if you don’t, then don’t … it don’t matter to me motherfuckers NEVER will I be Shot Down In Flames again … ain’t it a shame


you had me at Steak & Guinness

… guy in line ahead of me too apparently, wife quipped “it’ll do for the car ride home”, lol. First I’ve heard of Williams-Sonoma artisans’ market, and from what I’ve seen, seems like they have a winner on their hands. A few pics.

placard promoting local artisanal products (try saying that three times fast, lol)


Yorktown Pie picks


my Steak & Guinness … thing’s a heftyheifer


… all ready to reheat, and chowdownmofos