I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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10 goddamn years!

got this whole ball of wax rollin’ september 17, 2009!! maybe the shitheads at wordpress are gonna acknowledge my longevity with a t-shirt, or a crappy coffee mug? probably not! i persevered, i stuck with it, despite it all. i hardly blog these days–much better ways to occupy my time. nevertheless, 10 years is an accomplishment that i’m proud of! peace!

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oh no, oh no – here we go now

… here we go again!! referring to the lack of love again for my accomplishments. even WP took time to give me props. AND FYI,  I certainly won’t bother acknowledging any johnny-come-lately-comments at this point, so please don’t bullshit bother either! I know/see who’s who, what’s what motherfuckers! pshaw!!


flying high again
flying high again
flying high again
flying high again

I can see through mountains, watch me disappear
I can even touch the sky …


rain run!

I LOVE running in the rain – getting caught running in the rain. Starting out my run when it’s raining – not so much. Today marks 1 month of training, 2 weeks from today and it’ll be 1 year I became a runner. AND, since I’m talking anniversaries; watch for my next blog post – is an ANNI-BIGGIE – fair warning!

I ran 7.5K today. I stopped and restarted, not because I was hurting, but because of an issue w/ my Garmin. Don’t wanna get into it now, give details – will soon enough! First 5.5K was on a 4:36 kilometer pace, so I felt good. Finished the final 2K stronger – sub 4:30 … YES, 4:29 is sub 4:30, lol!

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 5.53.39 PM