I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


I bought the bitch!!

danistrulytheman … the domain, I own the cunt! No more danistrulytheman.wordpress.com… starting today, I’m danistrulytheman.com


… about time too, been blogging in various formats coming on 10 years… WordPress made it easy/painless … they’ve been whoring ($$) me to update for eons, lol. And, while their conversion US>CAN rate wasn’t necessarily in my favour… they used dollar increments for all charges, which I prefer, thanks guys!

… am sure you’re wondering – bottom line difference for y’all? None!! Same shit as always… read it and weep!!


looks like I gots me a bunch of disrespecting douchebag followers!!

… 170 d-baggers!! Not pullin’ punches, but hey … I never did. You’re lame, motherfucking lame … the lot of ya! Go fuck yourselves! Better yet … quit  … QUIT ME … P-L-E-A-S-E!! 

… over 1300 blogposts, over 4 years devoted! Don’t y’assholes forget that either!!

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fed up to the gills!

Just asking again … ARGHHH! Had this written ready to send … somewhere in WP SUPPORT re upgrades, but am posting here instead! It ain’t snippy … is it?!?!

yeah, sure i wanna upgrade … spend some of my hard earned cash, help my blog along the way. thing is, i’m unimpressed with wp not directing many of my blogposts to specifically targeted topics, and more unimpressed with wp non-responding to simple queries wondering why?


winging it … my first attempt

… and I know what I said, ’bout not clogging the blog, but I couldn’t help myself. I can’t believe how unbelievably simple everything is, even the clean-up … especially the clean-up. And that’s VERY important, nobody would use it if it were a pain in the ass. I read the usage instructions, and used what I had handy in the house. A handful of red grapes, one apple quartered (core & stem, the whole apple), half a frozen banana, and a handful of Europe’s Best 4-Field Berry Mix (blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) frozen fruit … oh, and just a bit of milk, maybe 2 oz at most … there you have it (there I had it, lol), my first Vitamix smoothie!!


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succulent butter roasted potatoes

… was part of a previous roast beef blog, and with the star of the show getting all of the attention, these didn’t make the cut. I was remiss not previously posting pics … all’s rectified!!

topped with caramelized onions, melt in your mouth goodness …



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My fireworks … er firecracker, lol!!

Always fun getting my annual report, fellow bloggers – you know what I’m talking about. A few stats I’ll divulge are new posts: 262 and pictures uploaded: 443  … very close to danistrulytheman 2011 year in blogging numbers: 276 and 472 respectively. Got me thinking I should do a personal year in review giving a few shout-outs expressing my thanks and appreciation. And while it may not make complete sense to you, it does to me. Firstly I want to thank John, Jessica … and the third person in this group, I don’t think I even know his name, lol? Only his blog handle and the stories he tells … I do know it’s your birthday and you’re 48 to give you a clue, lol. I’m thanking these three for the same reason, although their blogs are completely different from each others … told ya, it’d make no sense, lol. The second group I want thank is Jason, Jennifer and Gee Gee ( … and Gee Gee is in a league of her own as she’s constantly and playfully reminding me … looking forward to seeing you at danistrulytheman‘s yearly subscription/followers invite only allowed, drunken and orgy filled appreciation soiree btw, last year’s was a blast, remember, lol?!) for a different reason as well. All of you have done something, inspired me, motivated me … difficult to explain, too hard to quantify, so I won’t try. Quick thought: now that I have publicly named six (all who receive my blogposts btw, so no excuses, lol), wonder how many will respond/acknowledge?! … I’m pretty sure I already know the answer, lol. And that’s ok, there’s one person who absolutely loves my blog … he laughs, he smiles … he constantly reads it over and over soaking in its wisdom, LOL!! Ok, so that’s entirely (not really, maybe 90%, lol) eyes-rolling, tongue in cheek, facetiousness, but there’s definitely something there. Ok, enough rambling … class dismissed. Happy 2013 to all … whether you read this, reply … or not!! 😎

last pic of 2012, taken morning of December 31