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on an omelette roll

… yeah yeah, quit rolling yer eyes (and don’t think I can’t see you ’cause I can, lol). Just a quickie post y’all … mushrooms (cremini today) are always a must, fresh herbs too (oregano, thyme, Italian parsley) when available from my garden (and don’t forget my use the best eggs rule) … but what I’m really impressed/surprised with … and admittedly I stumbled upon it purely by accident, is the combination of two cheeses … had a bit of both – equal portions left in the fridge, so it was a no-brainer – Greek feta and creamy havarti!! I’ve NEVER EVER seen those used in tandem … in ANY meal, or any recipe … so yes, I will deservedly take credit (please forgive me while I sit back and gloat, lol). The crumbly, dry, saltiness of the feta plays off beautifully of the easy to melt, smooth textured, mild and slightly nutty flavour of the havarti … what a beautiful combination … sheer genius – if I do say so myself!! A couple of pics … served with generously buttered toasted English muffins … enjoy!!

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Friday feast!!

… for TWO, lol!! Only Tiff K and I … way more than we need …  and that we can eat (HELLO – leftovers, lol), and despite it’s only us, pride myself on presentation … still love putting forth an effort!!

Meat: oven baked capicollo, Leoncini mortadella, Hungarian salami, bressola, lachsschinken, prociutto soppressa, oven roasted Tuscany ham.

Cheese: Jarlsberg, creamy Havarti, double Glouchester, Jensen extra old cheddar.

… Hmm, hope I remembered all of it … oh, and of course served with my beloved OMG focaccia family style … mangia mangia!!

pic 1 …

pic 2 – DAMN, shouda lit the votives, my bad …