I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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I ain’t missin’ iGoogle after November 1, 2013!

Maybe it’s been my fault all along for having People as one of the widgets on my iGoogle homepage. Maybe I shoulda jettisoned that widgebitch ages ago. What I do know is this; I could give a flying fuck how Kanye West proposed, how Jake Gyllenhaal lost weight for some retarded role in a movie you couldn’t make me/pay me $$ to see, how Julia Roberts swoonscrappola … “my husband made me believe in myself in a whole new way” that makes me wanna violently spewpuke … and how some Jersey shithead knocked up some broad, who now is some Jersey shithead proud poppa to be … that I give even LESS of a rat’s ass about!

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WP – WTF?!?!

… seriously WordPress, what the fuck??!! You know, I don’t ask much. I never complain … BUT … I can’t help noticing during the past three months I became a runner, and started blogging under RUNNING as a categories option, you RARELY have my blogposts showing under said category?! Cunts! Pricks! AND, not sure if it’s connected (really haven’t delved that deeply), just seems to me, I ain’t getting the traffic I used to get for all my other blogposts either (not that I give a rat’s ass ’bout that), just while I’m calling ya out on one thing, figured, I might as well call ya out on the other. Ya following?!?! Good! Fix it!! I did say cunts, pricks right?!?! Grrrr!!

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spaghetti n’ shrimp

Cooler temps precipitated this … plus I had all the ingredients (pretty much), AND love using fresh herbs from my garden while I’m still able to – so the deal was sealed.

Italian spaghetti (loops around – VERY long):

Homemade sauce gently simmering away:

Pan sautéed shrimp in white wine, butter sauce – fresh oregano too:

Handfuls of whole basil leaves thrown in at the very end (along with the shrimp):

Combined with the pasta (this is KEY), NOT simply spooned on top:

Vino – red, any good Italian wine … Bread – crusty, peasant loaf … and YES Cheese (give a rat’s ass ’bout any seafood pasta rules we’ve all heard to the contrary. I’m eating a tomato based pasta, I’m grating cheese, and generously too, lol) – Grana Padano, Parm-Regg, or Romano Lupa. Good Italian eating … it don’t get no better folks!! 😉