I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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I love my brother! I don’t love my brother!

As much I was avoiding it, was forced to call bro#1. He brought me down quickly. Are we even fucking related, lol? No matter. I know the sibling-rivalry-reasons behind all this, it goes back fiftyfuckingyearsforChrissakes!! With kindred spirits sunk, and perhaps with me wanting to vent … out of the blue called bro#3. Happy, I did too. Our conversation was nothing but positive, full of laughs, and when informed of my current, albeit temporary job, “NICE!!” was his enthusiastic and supportive reply. Thanks for the love, the laughs! Yep, WE def are related, lol!! 

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I need one of these awards like I need a hole in the head!!

… BLOGGING AWARDS!! I’ve said it before, looks like I’m sayin’ it again … thanks, but no thanks to any/all of these silly, meaningless “things” that apparently many bloggers give way too much credence to … widget-ing your blogs with them as some sort of achievement?! Huh, really? Newsflash folks; it means nothing, absolutely nothing … THEY AIN’T REAL!! Receiving an Oscar® or a Grammy®, now those are awards, THOSE ARE REAL!! Along with ceremonies, speeches, trophies, and recognition from peers in the industry … and, as well given to deserving recipients with NO conditions or stipulations … you don’t receive one of these under the pretext you’ll make more movies/albums, lol … how goofy is that? … a chain letter, pyramid scheme “award-thingie” … here’s your award, now go pass it along, LOL!! Please people, no more nominations … I’m done with the politeness & pleasantries … I know who I am, and I can tell you with complete honesty & humbleness, danistrulytheman doesn’t need/want any of ya scrolling blogs looking at me to pawn off your phony-baloney – er, I mean legitimately nominate a deserving candidate as part of your acceptance of one of these prestigious (really, REALLY facetious) awards!! Thank you, hope it’s the end of all this (somehow doubt it – but SURE did feel good sayin’ it) … now, somebody get me a beer *belch*!!