I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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523 days lovin’ my Smythson Of Bond Street… and counting!!

primed! remember this? my Smythson Xmas gift, two Christmases ago? was my fave/best present to me (sadly, from me) merry fucking Christmas danistrulytheman! iPhone 5s sleeve’s been put through the motherfucking wringer, yet still looks brand-spankin’ new… Smythson quality is the bomb y’all (Italian made)! I absolutely LOVE it… AND, I LOVE me!! 


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Boy oh Barolo!

Special ordered this December 2 … I blame falling for AMEX’s front of the line privileges afforded me! Arrived yesterday – was well within their 8-12 week delivery window! Beautiful attention to detail regarding package and delivery! Very impressed! Oh, and what’s w/ that awesome order number 95959 … it’s a prime, a palindrome too! I love it, it’s a sign from my number God, means wine’s def got to be exceptional! Can’t wait to try, and I know exactly what I’ll be cooking … more pics then, I promise! Oh, and for all inquiring minds – $100 for the deuce!






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hear ye hear ye: 1301posts, 1601days!

a succinct shout-out y’all!

a tearful and heartfelt, payin’ my bloglivin’ dues milestone moment!

def deserving of MANY slap-on-the-back-congrats … Spoonman!

all my friends are brown and red

… both are primes too … but of course, lol! 😛