I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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got’s me my five-twenty-three groove on!

… swagger y’all!! After my previous 523 post, did a little google research being curious ’bout its significance (if there was any?). Out w/the old, embrace the new… in a nutshell. My ever vigilant Angel watching over me (yep – nice!!!!) of course confirms everything! Am still in awe, scratching my head regarding recent developments! Good things happening/coming my way! I love you Angel… thank you for watching over me, having my back – ALWAYS!! Oh, I love me too btw… hehehe!!

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Love My Miller Time!!

… and no, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout beer (well, not necessarily, lol). I haven’t imbibed in the High Life for SOOOOO long, I couldn’t even begin telling you when last I did (I can’t count that high, lol)! But, I do love my Miller family, despite seldom gettin’ chances to see ’em!!

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a beginning perhaps? the end, the start of something new? i dunno, trying to figure it all out re: my 1234th post, which also coincides (almost) with 4321 (years/months/days/hours – my time blogging). a hidden meaning, a hidden message? 4321 1234 … ready or not? here i come …

it’s the end of the something i did not want to end beginning of hard times to come but something that was not meant to be is done and this is the start of what was.

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Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Thought I’d post today – 10/10/12 (close as I could get to 10 10 10) … about a week and a half ago I found a dime, later the same day … I found another. I’m talking on the street, pavement, parking lot … and bear in mind, it isn’t too often I find lost/dropped money (except lowly pennies, I never stoop that low to snap up one red cent … who does, lol?) … probably the same as all of you. Then a few days later, I spot ANOTHER dime on the ground … shit, I thought the first two was strange enough, was hard to dismiss … but three? Coincidence, I think not … spookily believe there’s more to it than that, a hidden message/meaning … and any wisdom and insight sorting its significance would be gladly appreciated. Could any of this be spiritualistic … or isdantrulyanutjob, lol?