I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Oscar Omelette!

4 cheese – Manchego, 5 year old Cheddar, creamy Havarti, and Burrata straight outta Italy, along w/smoked turkey breast! served w/sweet onion/potato rösti, sausage, AND Dimpflmeier Prebiotic Bread… toasted and buttered!

AAANNNNDDDDD, that’s a fecking platter, NOT a plate!!


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I need one of these awards like I need a hole in the head!!

… BLOGGING AWARDS!! I’ve said it before, looks like I’m sayin’ it again … thanks, but no thanks to any/all of these silly, meaningless “things” that apparently many bloggers give way too much credence to … widget-ing your blogs with them as some sort of achievement?! Huh, really? Newsflash folks; it means nothing, absolutely nothing … THEY AIN’T REAL!! Receiving an Oscar® or a Grammy®, now those are awards, THOSE ARE REAL!! Along with ceremonies, speeches, trophies, and recognition from peers in the industry … and, as well given to deserving recipients with NO conditions or stipulations … you don’t receive one of these under the pretext you’ll make more movies/albums, lol … how goofy is that? … a chain letter, pyramid scheme “award-thingie” … here’s your award, now go pass it along, LOL!! Please people, no more nominations … I’m done with the politeness & pleasantries … I know who I am, and I can tell you with complete honesty & humbleness, danistrulytheman doesn’t need/want any of ya scrolling blogs looking at me to pawn off your phony-baloney – er, I mean legitimately nominate a deserving candidate as part of your acceptance of one of these prestigious (really, REALLY facetious) awards!! Thank you, hope it’s the end of all this (somehow doubt it – but SURE did feel good sayin’ it) … now, somebody get me a beer *belch*!!