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speed run?!

Finally showing some speed! And you know how you can’t always tell how fast you’re running? I was well past my road marker waiting for the 5 minute audio cue, and I ran for another 5-10 seconds before it came. My distance was 1.10 kilometers so I decided to push. I knew it’d mean a shorter run, I had to run back home, so it’s still a 5K + run … and, it was freezing cold, so I was happy to be finished!


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Crazy Cold!!

Minus 35 w/ windchill! It’s been like this for too many days! On top of it, I’m stuck sitting and waiting someplace I don’t wanna be. To make matters more depressing, RunKeeper hasn’t had a workout since December 7. And as I’m forced to be here (God is still trying to test/help me with my lack of patience. It isn’t working!), my mind wanders to the end of last year … honestly, I only wanted a coupla generic ibuprofen!


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minus 10° 10K

No more contending with puddles, they’re frozen. Now I have slippery sidewalks. It’s harder and harder getting motivated, this was my first run in four days. On a positive note; knowing PRs aren’t possible, I run more relaxed, I’m not stressed about times … it’s actually MORE enjoyable. And, it’s not like I’m running slow, I’m only a couple of minutes off my PR. Put it this way, if I was to achieve a 47 minute time in an official, sanctioned 10K race, I’d be happy with myself, my time!



47 minute 10K – great run, very relaxed!



baked chili

… my favourite dish/way of utilizing leftover chili (especially on a cold, blustery, wintry day) … well, maybe not … LOVE chili dogs too … chili cheese fries, spaghetti chilignese (just made that shit up, so don’t be pilfering … at least give credit where it’s due if ya do) are motherfucking awesome as well … shit, now I’m confused/over-thinking it, lol. This was day five of the chili (still have enough for day six, AND I did freeze some, so I can enjoy those chili dogs for a quick meal). In my Le Creuset stoneware I layered basmati rice (leftover too, of course … be sure to add extra water/liquid as it tends to greedily sop up moisture) and an equal layer of the chili, with a generous layer of cheddar topping it all. Bake it hot and long to really get the cheese bubbling, and with blackened little crispy bits beginning to form around the edge … this means you’re done. A couple of pics y’all. Know it’s hard to visualize (individual) portion-wise, but trust me they’re perfect … served in my newly and proudly purchased terra-cotta chili/soup bowls handmade in Portugal. Sliced & spatula-ed, sour creamed & served … alongside a FROSTY (today at least, lol) tall cool one … lighten up baby I’m in love with you!!



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1.eggs scrambling 2.loaded with lotsa good stuff 3.carefully slid and folded from pan to plate so top meets bottom

My best attempt avoiding the “O” word in my title, lol. Can’t help myself, on another omelette roll of late … damp, wet weather puts me in the mood for stick to my ribs food. This always hits the gut-filling spot … prolly be doubling (or tripling) down with that ragin’ bitch Sandy unleashing her fury … already felt that cold wind firsthand *shivers*. Now? I’m hunkered down!! A few pic y’all. 😉

havarti, ham, cremini, tomato, red onion omelette & hash browns w/toasted English muffin

some shrooms showing through the eggs – LOVE IT

almost done y’all