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Two Flamin’ Beauties!!

… a pair of thick cut rib steaks, one for yours truly, one for Tiff! Seasoned with Barberian’s, grilled over hardwood lump charcoal at a very high heat … a few minutes is all it takes … be sure to have your fork and steak knife ready, it’s that quick!




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grilled kale

… just a few pics, fresh Ontario grown kale (on sale of course, lol)!! Something completely new (who knew?!) … looks AWESOME, can’t wait to try it … but RIGHT NOW have more Weber wood grilling to do before I can dig in  … we’re real time blogging here folks, lol!! Sweet onions, slivered garlic … copious sea salt/freshly ground pepper then sprinkled with chili flakes … sorry, gotta go y’all … roasted creminis, NY strips, and grilled garlic focaccia awaits …

The closeup … YEP, looks YUM:

The obligatory overhead view:

The beauty shot: