I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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what a crazy, fucked up, world we live in



Tim Bosma


… only hope Hell’s waiting for ya motherfucker!! Want ya to rot there … FOREVER!!

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Special Chimay!!

Chimay Spéciale Cent Cinquante … it’s a limited edition Chimay, commemorating their 150th anniversary …. and it’s VERY hard to come by … my LCBO app has been working overtime checking for availability/locations. Picked up a couple of bottles the day it was released to the public (a mere 60 bottles for all of Ontario) … have a HUGE Chimay crush of late, if ya hadn’t noticed, lol!!



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Chimay Blue

Ordinarily you won’t find me driving 70 km … leaving the GTA for nuthin’ … ‘less it’s for some sweet stuff! Chimay Blue Cap qualifies. Been checking my LCBO app for days, and to my delight realized they were bringing it back, restocking it … seems to be either seasonal, or a one-off thingie. In any case, for three days straight kept showing zero inventory … till Thursday when 209 bottles became available (rubbing hands together) for the WHOLE province of Ontario … in ONLY two stores no less … one all the hell up in Orillia, ‘sup with that, lol?! A day later, the inventory shrank in half (almost) … only 128 bottles remained. Which brings us to today, Saturday … and me to Pickering … and from what remained on the shelves, just in the nick of time. An hour drive (each way)? Pshaw, ain’t nuthin’ … this boy’s a smilinghappycamper! 😀

Come to papa. My haul y’all …


Look at the head on that mother …


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influenza vaccinated

… finally. And btw, that’s the flu shot to y’all belonging to the Simpleton family. My doc was always booked, repeated calls seeking slipping in ‘ncase of cancelled appointments proved fruitless. Had no choice but to go to my local Rexall and let the pharmacist needle me. That’s right, in Ontario select pharmacies are now allowed to give flu shots … no appointment, any day … all the time. Simply walk in, hand over your Health Card, fill out the taking one minute of your time yes/no questionnaire and you’re good to go … oh and to non-Canadian readers of my blog … it’s FREE … the hardest part (most upsetting part I should say) was removing my sweater providing an easy upper arm target … meanwhile messing my coiffe … 😮

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grilled kale

… just a few pics, fresh Ontario grown kale (on sale of course, lol)!! Something completely new (who knew?!) … looks AWESOME, can’t wait to try it … but RIGHT NOW have more Weber wood grilling to do before I can dig in  … we’re real time blogging here folks, lol!! Sweet onions, slivered garlic … copious sea salt/freshly ground pepper then sprinkled with chili flakes … sorry, gotta go y’all … roasted creminis, NY strips, and grilled garlic focaccia awaits …

The closeup … YEP, looks YUM:

The obligatory overhead view:

The beauty shot: