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Rainbow Trout gone Greek!

… love, LOVE this one! May be my all time fave!

Usually use Wild Pacific Salmon, but today Rainbow trout was on sale… and truth be told, I prefer it to salmon.

My fist true Weber bbq of the season too. Grilled ’em Greek style, served whole. Greek trout burgers y’all!

Slathered w/ tzatziki, a shiteload of Dodonis feta, and heirloom tomatoes!

… sea salt wedges as a kicker! Nice!

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I love selling shite!!

I always have! Been selling stuff for years, and even in my new life still do. This time was my Weber charcoal grill. I originally posted an ad a couple weeks ago for $250, but only got a few nibbles. Deleted that one, posted again 3 days ago… this time for $300. Why? ‘Cause that’s how I motherfucking roll! Actually, was something one of the respondents said, that convinced me to. Late last night, I got my first query. Called the dude back this afternoon… we agreed upon $275 (I agreed to throw in a few accessories I had no use for as well). Dude is on his way as I write this (he just called, running a bit behind). Dude also rented a cargo van (one of those auto share companies), so I know he’s serious and motivated. Right now, have a beer in one hand… awaiting his arrival to have cold hard cash in the other!

… well well, lookie here!



spaghetti & meatballs!

I haven’t been posting many food posts, certainly not like I did in the past. I’m lazy, even w/ this one. I omitted important pics. It’s my home made sauce, and hand made meatballs – I play around and tweak them ever so slightly occasionally. This time, instead of breadcrumbs I used day old bread. I put the loaf out on the counter to make it more stale (drier, easier to work with), and then broke it up, crumbing it. I also grilled the meatballs on my Weber grill using hardwood lump charcoal. I did it not so much for the flavour, I mean it definitely adds a different dimension … my main motivation was not wanting to create a splattering, greasy mess in my kitchen which I’d have to clean, and this worked beautifully browning (blackening really) the meatballs. And, yes this is the glory pic that is missing. Then it was a matter of tossing them into the sauce, simmering for an hour or two. Oh, I also used Barilla extra long spaghetti (comes in a bag, not box) for fun too!



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Two Flamin’ Beauties!!

… a pair of thick cut rib steaks, one for yours truly, one for Tiff! Seasoned with Barberian’s, grilled over hardwood lump charcoal at a very high heat … a few minutes is all it takes … be sure to have your fork and steak knife ready, it’s that quick!



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plank salmon pics

Yesterday’s sunny and unseasonably warm 19°C permitting a late October BBQ was just what the doctor ordered, the perfect cure for stopping the dizziness … getting off this spinning ride called life. Food truly is love, it soothes the soul … two Atlantic Salmon filets quickly marinated with olive oil, red onion, dill, parsley, sea salt & black pepper … skin side down on a water soaked (for a few hours) cedar plank and into my hot and ready Weber, shutting the lid and patiently allowing it to make magic. Squirted freshly squeezed grilled lemon juice after plating … a glistening finish. Almost gives the appearance of smoked salmon, but it’s VERY moist and tender … AND pink inside. Please folks, NEVER overcook it – it’s a sin against salmon. My planked salmon … kerplunked!!

folded newspaper protects the plate from the charred plank …

you can see that a little bit o’ that pink I’m talking ’bout …

saved the best for last … yep, def pink …

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Barbecued Prime Rib Roast!!

Always meant to attempt it, but never did. I lucked out with this absolutely gorgeous Sterling Silver 5 pounder (cap removed of course) from Sobeys, and knew this time I wouldn’t be deterred, full steam ahead y’all … I was a danistrulytheman on a mission. Initially thought of doing a south-western spice rub (something I’d use on bbq chicken), but with fresh herbs still going strong in my garden, opted to go Medi ‘nstead. I finely chopped oregano and thyme, along with plenty of sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper abundantly crusted the roast (after lathering generously with olive oil – Acropolis, of course, lol). And taking advantage of the butcher string, I intertwined two rosemary sprigs (which I later discarded along with the string after snipping). I served it with my famous lemon & butter potatoes (topped with caramelized onions), roasted cauliflower, feta and basil drizzled with Acropolis, tzatziki … and grilled pita bread (sorry, those pics didn’t make the cut)!! A final note; bbq rib roast KILLS … good luck getting that colour/crust in any oven … not to mention the hint of wood flavour. Only benefit of oven roasting is convenience … no muss, no fuss with temp. variations (had to remove my roast and grate to add hardwood charcoal once to maintain my temp.), throw it in and away you go (and you can go away – literally) … YES, you have to baby this … but oh my … what a baby!! 😉

A perfect rib roast …

Waiting for the Weber


Indirect cooking (1 1/2 hours or so – looking for an internal temp of 140º) …

Resting on my spatula/plate before carving …

A close up … LOVE the colour, the crust …

Another angle; perfect separation of meat from bones …

Sliced, bit of au jus … but only one bone (sorry, couldn’t resist gnawing, lol) …