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attacking the 8K!

Once I establish a PR that I’m content with at any given distance, I become that … content. June 29, I set what was at that time a pretty good standard – 36:30 … but I’ve been killing sub 18 minute 4Ks at will lately … PLUS, I’ve been comfortably recording 37 (and change) minutes 8Ks without really pushing myself. All this time for over a month I’ve been improving … I knew the time was ripe to challenge my 8K PR, and I knew exactly how I was going to go about accomplishing it. Run a sub 18 minute first half, and continue carrying my speed, doing the same for the second half. I did it – EXACTLY as planned! I bettered my PR by over 30 seconds, AND I finished under 36 minutes! Sweet!

35:57 – my new 8K PR


even splits – WHOA mr. consistency